News From Greece

The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) informs the progressive public opinion:

1. Yesterday evening, Saturday 6 December,  a member of the Police Special Forces shot in cold blood and killed a 15 year old boy in the center of Athens.

2. Dozens of eye witnesses who came forward and spoke to the Media confirm that this was a cold blood murder, as there were no incidents going on. The attempt of the Greek government to lie to the public opinion, claiming that the kids attacked the police, finally failed: Tonight, Sunday 7 December, even the mainstream Media are openly calling the government's claims "a blatant lie".

While new mass demonstrations are taking place in the USA against Bush’s decision to intensify the war and occupation of Iraq through dispatching of a new contingent of 22.000 US soldiers,
While the bloodshed gets worse in all the countries “liberated” by the USA, as well as in other countries that are in the sight of Bush regime, from Iraq and Afghanistan to Somalia,
While the US and EU imperialists are increasing the pressure on the Greek bourgeoisie in order to oblige her to accept the sell-out of Cyprus and the Aegean Sea, and continuously instigate minorities’ issues,


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