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Queridos amigos/as y companeros/as,

Exhortamos a todos en leer esta noticia y en esprimir solidaridad:

Konstantina Kuneva, 44 anos, es una inmigrante bùlgara, que vive y trabaja para sostentar su familia. Trabajò por muchos anos como obrera de limpieza empleada en la empresa privada “OIKOMET”, che alquila sus dependientes a las empresas por el sector publico. Dueno de esta empresa es el senor Ikonomakis, viejo dirigente de el PASOK, partido social democratico de oposicion, y su consiliario legale s el senor Tzanis, ex vice ministro de los Interior (cuando el Pasok era en el poder). En los ultimos anos, Konstantina era obrera a la limpieza de las instalaciones de “Ferrocarril Electrico Atene Pireo” (ISAP). El sector de los obreros de limpieza es uno de lo mas explotados: muchos trabajadores son inmigrantes y objeto de chantaje de parte de sus jefes, rientra los servicios de estaqdo y los buròcrata sindicalistas no acen nada para acer respetar las reglas mas elementares e meno suficientes sovre el trabajo.

Kommunistische Organisation Griechenland (KOE)

Athen, den 29. Januar 2009


Aufruf zur Solidarität


Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde, liebe Genossinnen und Genossen,

bitte lest die folgende Information und übt Solidarität!

Konstantina Kouneva, 44 Jahre alt und Immigrantin aus Bulgarien, lebt und arbeitet in Griechenland um ihre Familie zu unterstützen. Sie war viele Jahre Hausmeisterin der privaten Firma OIKOMET, die ihre Angestellten an Unternehmen des öffentlichen Sektors ausleiht. Die Firma gehört Herrn Ikonomakis, einem alten Funktionäre der sozialdemokratischen Oppositionspartei Pasok. Deren Rechtsberater ist Herr Tzanis, früher stellvertretender Innenminister (als die Pasok an der Regierung war). In den letzten Jahren hat Konstantina die Einrichtungen von “Athens Piraeus Electric Railways (ISAP)” gereinigt. Die Hausmeisterbranche ist eine der am meisten ausgebeuteten, da viele Angestellte Immigranten und der Erpressung durch ihre Bosse ausgesetzt sind, während die Staatsdienste und die Gewerkschaftsbürokraten nichts tun, um wenigstens die grundlegendsten Rechte und die eh nicht ausreichende Arbeitsgesetzgebung anzuwenden.

An Appeal for Solidarity

Dear Friends and Comrades,
We urge you to read the following information and to express your solidarity:

Konstantina Kouneva, today 44 years old, is a Bulgarian immigrant living and working in Greece in order to support her family. She worked for many years as a janitor-employee of the private firm “OIKOMET”, which rents its employees in public sector’s enterprises. This firm is owned by Mr. Ikonomakis, old cadre of the social-democratic opposition party PASOK, and its legal councillor is Mr. Tzanis, former vice-minister of Interior Affairs (when PASOK was in power). The last years, Konstantina was cleaning the installations of the “Athens Piraeus Electric Railways (ISAP)”. The sector of janitors is one of the most exploited, as many employees are immigrants and subject of blackmailing by their bosses, while the state services and the trade-union bureaucrats do nothing in order to apply even the most basic and insufficient labour legislation.

The movement of solidarity with Palestine marks its first tactical victory!

The Pentagon announcement, that the shipment of US arms to Israel through the port of Astakos “will be postponed because of security reasons”, belied the pathetic Greek Foreign Affairs Minister, who was declaring that “Greece is not implicated in any such shipment”.

However, the shipment of US arms to the Zionist murderers through Astakos will not be postponed: it will be CANCELLED once and for all, because the Greek People, responding to the call of PFLP, proved that we will not tolerate that Greece becomes an intermediate between the international terrorists US and Israel.

The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) calls upon the Greek People: Remain on alert! Smash all the sneaky attempts of Karamanlis’ government to assist the Israeli Neo-Nazis! All united to the protest in the port of Astakos on Thursday 15/1!

Active solidarity with the Palestinian People!

Stop all the diplomatic, military, political, economic, cultural relations with Israel!

13 January 2009, Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)

23 December 2008

Interview of a member of the Communist Organization of Greece to the Ukrainian Left Press


- Tell our readers about yourself. Do you participate in the revolt?

Nikos: All the members and sympathizers of the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) are actively participating in the revolt all over Greece, and I am not an exception.

- The revolt in Greece goes on for more than two weeks. We know that the violence of police, that killed a 15 years old antifascist, affected people. But media says nothing about social situation that pushed people to the streets. Could you say why thousands go to the street?

Nikos: The cold-blood murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos triggered a social protest that rapidly took the characteristics of a revolt. The youth, and especially the secondary education students, are in the frontline of this wave of protests that overwhelmed the whole country: from the capital Athens and other big cities, as Thessaloniki, Patra, etc., until the smallest towns of the countryside. Indeed, dozens of thousands get to the streets every day. The murder of Alexis spilled over the social discontent that accumulates since long time, and increased further during the last months. The current episode of the capitalist crisis was the coronation of a long period of attacks against the social and democratic rights of the broad popular masses. Since 20 years, the youth and the working people of Greece witness a continuous degradation of their living standards. The unemployment, the low salaries and pensions, the rapid increase of the basic goods’ prices, the lack of future for the youth … all this situation, together with the continuous financial scandals that implicate the two main bourgeois parties as well as many businessmen and the Church, fed the social discontent, increased the political crisis and became the base of this revolt.

The first huge demonstrations of the youth salute the New Year!

On Friday 9 January dozens of thousands of youth and progressive people took on the streets all over GreeceOn Friday 9 January 2009, on the 18th anniversary of the murder of Nikos Temponeras [*], the youth of Greece gave the adequate answer to the attempts of the Karamanlis government and of its allies, aiming at terrorizing the youth movement. Despite the terror campaign developed by the government and all the bourgeois Media during the previous days, who "warned" the youth not to dare to demonstrate [**], . Friday's demonstrations were organized by the Coordinations of Occupied Faculties, as well as by teachers' Federations and other Unions, and were actively supported by the forces of the Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA). In Athens alone, around 20.000 people marched towards the Parliament with slogans against the criminal government and in defense of the democratic and social rights. Big youth demonstrations took part also in Thessaloniki, Patras and other cities all over Greece, supported by the Radical Left. It is noteworthy that the same day and time the KKE forces decided not to participate in the youth demonstrations and, in turn, organized pickets in solidarity with Palestine (and this, despite the fact that the Palestinian communities called for unitarian solidarity demonstrations the next day - these took place without KKE's participation, despite the pleas of the palestinian community for united action...)

2009: A Single Spark Can Start a Prairie Fire

The Greek youth and the working people are saying farewell to 2008 in a combative way: demonstrating against the Zionist genocidal aggression and the USA-EU complicity, and preparing the first new popular rallies of 2009 against the criminal Greek government.

We salute all the fraternal Parties and Organizations, all the revolutionary and liberation Movements, the Peoples of the whole world – Let’s transform 2009 into a year of even more powerful revolts, let’s shaken this rotten and genocidal imperialist-capitalist system, let’s prepare the future!

Another World Is Possible: Socialism!

Police Forces guarding the Athens' Christmas Tree. People is laughing...On Friday 19 December the Coordination Councils of occupied schools and faculties organized in the centre of Athens a big concert of support to the rebellious youth, with the participation of many music groups and singers. During hours thousands of people followed the concert, with slogans against the government and the state terror. In Peristeri (the suburb of Athens where the new murderous attempt against the youth took place during the night of 17 December – see 8th Statement) a new march took place with the massive participation of secondary education pupils, teachers and parents.

On Saturday 20 December hundreds of activists “visited” the new Christmas tree in front of the Parliament (the previous one was burned a week ago) and threw many sacks full of garbage on it. The Special Forces attacked the protesters and proceeded to new arrests; the bystanders booed the police and liberated some of the arrested. The Athens’ Christmas tree is now guarded round the time by hundreds of Special Forces and the people of Athens are laughing at the attempt of the government and of the mayor to “recreate the Christmas atmosphere in the centre of the city” – under the protection of the fully armed Special Forces guarding the tree!

For Alexis

Do we live in a society where they will kill one of our peer group and we are going to carry on with our lives as if nothing has happened??? And what about this life so unjust taken away???  Are we going to let it go when any of us could be in his place???

We are not terrorists, “hoodies”, “the known unknown”
These known unknown…
We have dreams – don’t kill them!
We have impulse – don’t stop it,
You were also young once.
Now you are after money, you care
only for prestige, you became fat and bold,


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