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The general strike of 24 February and the mass rallies organized in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and dozens of cities all over Greece gave a strong message of resistance against the EU, the PASOK government (and its reactionary anti-people alliance with the right-wing and the extreme right-wing), and the mainstream Media that continue their dark propaganda in favor of the destructive, medieval neoliberal policies imposed through the EU Stability Pact.

The mass participation in the strike and the rallies, despite the bourgeois campaign to promote the all-out attack against the people as “inevitable”, proved that the working people and the youth are in a process of realizing that the EU and government projects can be upset, and raise the expectations for the better organization and development of the people’s resistance. The fact that the leaders of the two trade union Confederations (GSEE for the private sector and ADEDY for the public sector) were obliged to call this general strike under the angry pressure of the workers shows this gradual change of the masses’ conscience, and the workers’ will to fight against the EU-government measures.

The Communist Organization of Greece salutes the Greek workers and employees who gave yesterday, Wednesday 10 February, a resounding response to the attack of the EU and of the Greek "socialist" government against their working and living conditions. The success of the strike (with a participation that reached almost 100% in many public sectors) is also a response to the black propaganda of the mainstream Media, which claim that the Greek people are in favor of the neoliberal policies supported in block by the "socialists", the right-wing, the extreme right-wing, the capitalists and the bankers. The Greek working people have no other option left, than to rise up and struggle for their life and for the future of our children, until the government will be obliged to retreat. The general national strike declared for 24 February by both the private and public sector Confederations, under the pressure of the workers, will be a landmark in this struggle. We will not pay for their crisis! We call upon all the workers all over Europe to join the struggle against the EU Stability Pact!

In Greece you have now an open political crisis and new elections. What is the background?

The resignation of the prime-minister Karamanlis and the early elections that will take place on 4 October reveal the bankruptcy of the right-wing government. It is the second time that after a disaster by wildfires this government declares elections; the same happened in September 2007. But this time the government party “Nea Dimokratia” does not goes to early elections with the hope to win them; this time, Karamanlis government was obliged to call early elections by its powerful masters (the EU, the industrialists and the “dynamic centers of the finance”). The message clearly spelled by both Karamanlis and his masters is that an even more anti-popular policy is to follow, no matter the elections’ results. The economy was led to a disastrous situation, many regional geopolitical issues remain open, and we enter a period of political, economic and social upheavals. This period will be marked by fluidity and by transitional characteristics. The “classic” alternation of the two main bourgeois parties in government does not offer anymore the guarantees demanded by the capital. Moreover, it is unable to convince the people, as the lack of dynamics on behalf of the social-liberal PASOK proves. A possible parliamentary majority of PASOK will be meagre and very fragile, given the harsh measures demanded by the capital. The lack of parliamentary majority may lead to new elections, or to a temporary “big coalition”. In any case, what the bourgeoisie expects and demands is to put on the working masses the burden of the developing crisis. The whole bourgeois world (political, economic, state, media) is aligned in order to achieve this. Already, during the last year only, they have donated 51 billion euro to the businessmen and the banks. They cut off this huge amount of money from the social expenses, and they intend to put on new taxes in order to collect more money by the people. The “Greek” banks alone received 28 billion, while they continue to have huge profits despite the crisis and (as other capitalists too) enjoy freedom by real taxation.

Following the campaign for the European elections (see separate info below) the Communist Organization of Greece now shifts all its forces towards the preparations for the successful holding of the Resistance Festival 2009.

We thank all those who have already responded positively and prepare their delegations to participate in this important event. There are delegations coming from all over the world: from Latin America (Argentina, Venezuela, Haiti), Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Basque Country, Catalunya), the Balkans and the Middle East (Palestine, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania), the former Eastern bloc (Georgia, Ukraine), Asia (Philippines), etc.

The debates will focus around the youth movements in Europe, the popular struggles in Latin America and the Middle East, the perspectives of the Left in Europe, the capitalist crisis and the socialist alternative, etc.

For the full program, including the public meetings, the music concerts etc., see the Festival’s website: (see also materials and reports from last year's festival in the website:  

We call all those who have not yet announced their participation to get into contact with us – this year we need your active participation and support more than ever!

Our Organization participated in the European elections in alliance with other left forces, as part of the Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA). The left alliance SYRIZA has been under constant and huge pressure by all the other parties, the mainstream Media and in general the bourgeois forces, because of its radical stand against the neoliberal rightwing government and its refusal to cooperate with the socialdemocratic “opposition”. The support of SYRIZA to the December Revolt only increased the coordinated attacks and the calumniations against its radical position (including unprincipled attacks from supposedly “left” forces and personalities). The results of the European elections in Greece are the following:

The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) and the Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA) condemn the brutal and provocative attack of the Berlusconi police against a non-violent protest of students and university professors yesterday morning, Monday 18 May 2009, in Torino. The Italian police attack against the public meeting, which protested the reactionary “University G8 Summit”, resulted in the arrest of students, among them two members of KOE.

The students of KOE, who are also elected officials of their Student Unions with the Left Unity block (respectively in the Medicine Faculty of Creta and in the University of Thessaloniki), were participating in the Counter-Summit organized in Torino by the Italian student movement and progressive university professors.

Part 1. New murderous attack against the movement

At 22:05 hours of Tuesday 24 February, the Social Centre of Immigrants and the offices of the Network for the Political and Social Rights and of the group “Rosa” (one of the organizations of the Radical Left Coalition SYRIZA) have been the target of an unprecedented murderous attack. An unknown person tried to throw a defensive hand grenade through one of the windows while a meeting was taking place inside the building. Fortunately, the reinforced window did not break and the hand grenade fell back in a jardiniere outside the building, where it exploded. Had the hand grenade penetrated the window and exploded in the meeting room, many comrades would be killed, as the hand grenade was of defensive type, with high power. It is characteristic that the explosion destroyed the stone-made jardiniere and smashed the windows in nearby buildings. Many people from the surrounding shops immediately ran after the perpetrator of the murderous attempt, who managed to enter a car waiting for him in the next corner and escaped. The witnesses wrote down the number of the car used for the escape: later on it has been revealed that it is an “unregistered” car plate (as those used by the “state security” services…). The Communist Organization of Greece issued the following statement:

Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)After the revolt of December in Greece, a big debate develops within the Greek Left concerning the attitude of the communists in front of the bourgeois governments. This heated discussion is part of a greater debate about the tasks, the strategy and the tactics of the left and communist forces in Greece. The polemical character of the debate is owed to the fact that, during December 2008, the split within the Greek Left became more wide: One part (KOE, the Radical Left Coalition/SYRIZA and the extra-parliamentarian left groups) supported the Revolt. Another part (mostly the Communist Party of Greece/KKE, as well as the right-wingers of the former “euro-communist” current) condemned the movement and labeled it as “violent acts of masked rioters of suspicious origin and of reactionary character”. Thus, indirectly but objectively, aligned themselves with the bourgeois-governmental block of “law and order”. Since January 2009 the debate became very acute, as the KKE leadership attacked repeatedly KOE and SYRIZA with statements and publications in its Press, slandering us as “supporters of the social-democratic PASOK” because of our slogan “Down with this government of murderers!”.

Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)About the new attack of the leadership of KKE against KOE

The leadership of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) published today in its paper “Rizospastis” a communication worthy only to spit at, slandering the  as using “state security services’ methods”. The leadership of KKE, after having denounced the December Revolt as “a conspiracy well-organized by internal and foreign dark centers” (!), has now clearly lost its sangfroid. It escalates its attack and targets the Communist Organization of Greece, proving once more that it cannot withstand a political and ideological debate. This is the reason why the leadership of KKE labels as “provocation” and “state security services’ methods” the documents of political debate.

The criticism towards KKE cannot be labeled as “anticommunism”. The prostitution of the communist movement, the war against the line of left unity action waged by the leadership of KKE, while at the same time it aligns itself with the bourgeois government: THIS is anticommunism!


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