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For a long time decisions have been made for us, without us. We are workers, unemployed, retirees, youth, who have come to Syntagma Square to fight and struggle for our lives and our future. We are here because we know that the solutions to our problems can come only from us.

We call all residents of Athens, workers, unemployed and youth, to come to Syntagma Square, and all of society to fill the public squares and to take life into its own hands. In these public squares we will shape our claims and our demands together. We call on all workers who are going on strike in the coming days to show up and remain in Syntagma Square.

We will not leave the squares until those who compelled us to come here go away: Governments, Troika (EU, ECB and IMF), Banks, IMF Agreements, and everyone that exploits us. We send them the message that the debt is not ours.



The only struggle that is lost is the one that is never fought!

Syntagma Square, 28 May 2011

The People’s Assembly

On Wednesday 25 May 2011 dozens of thousands of people responded to the call of citizens initiatives, and gathered in the central squares of Athens and dozens of other Greek cities. This protest continues, even under heavy rain, on Thursday 26 May 2011. Follows a Press statement of KOE, issued in the evening of the first day of the protests (opposite of KOE and the “Front of Solidarity and Overthrow”, most left forces preferred not to participate in the protests during the first day…)


The Communist Organization of Greece salutes the spontaneous, genuine, independent and democratic mobilization of dozens of thousands of citizens, mostly young, who rose up today and gave an overwhelming response to the puppet government. With public meetings in more than 35 cities all over Greek, the people are expressing their profound anger and their resolute opposition to the Agreement with the IMF and the EU, demonstrating against the IMF-EU-ECB troika, the whole political system that supports the troika, and the efforts to construct an anti-popular “national consensus”.

Today’s popular rivers formed by the Greek “indignados” prove that there is no consensus with the social holocaust pursued by the troika and the pro-Agreement political parties (from the extreme-right party LAOS to the governmental “socialist” party PASOK). Much more, today’s spontaneous protests show that the people do not consider anymore legal this regime, and demand that the whole political system of the bankruptcy goes away. The people detest this political system, which abolished altogether democracy, people’s sovereignty, national independence and social dignity.


Two photos from the mass spontaneous protest in Athens, with 50.000 people shouting in the Constitution Square, in front of the Parliament:

"Take your Agreement (with IMF-EU) and leave"

"The United People shall never be defeated"

"Thieves, go away!"

(similar meetings took place in more than 35 cities all over Greece, and they continue)

Press Statement of KOE

Yesterday 11 May 2011, day of General Strike, the Papandreou government painted their hands in the blood of dozens of demonstrators in Athens. For the first time during a General Strike, such a murderous plan unfolded in the most cynical way by the police forces. Among others, a 31 year old demonstrator has been severely wounded on the head. He is actually hospitalized, in most critical condition, in the Intense Care Unit of the Nikea General Hospital.



Against the system’s barbarity and the social regression

3rd International Meeting of Movements, Agricultural University of Athens, 18-19-20 June 2010

Greece remains in the epicenter of the crisis and of the social resistances that break out all over Europe. The Resistance Festival, for the third consecutive year, gives its space to the international movements of the working people and of the youth. From Friday 18 to Sunday 20 June 2010, the Resistance Festival will become again an important tribune for the coordination and the unity of the struggles – in order that our voices will be better heard, and our resistance becomes even more effective.



Friday 18 June

07:30 p.m.: The destruction of a country by the IMF “earthquake” * Two representatives of the movement, coming directly from the martyred island of Haiti, expose the unbearable situation created not only by the earthquake but also because of the foreign occupation and the FMI “treatment”.

08:30 p.m.: Argentina and Iceland – Examples of bankruptcy and resistance * Speakers: Jacinto Roldan, editor of the Argentinean weekly Hoy, and Thorvaldur Thorvaldsson, chairman of the Red Forum from Iceland.

Press Statement of KOE

The denunciations by the six Greek activists who returned yesterday in Athens revealed that the Israeli neonazis, even after their murderous raid on the ships of the Freedom Flotilla, kept on torturing the hundreds of hostages – among them the 31 Greek activists who are still held imprisoned in the Zionist terrorist entity.

Israel, this vagabond “state” that exists only thanks to the support of the USA and the tolerance of the EU and the rest of the supposedly “civilized” world, is guilty for the ongoing crime. But equally guilty is the Papandreou government, which observes in the most pathetic way the orgy of the Zionist terrorism. Yesterday’s outrageous and shameless claim of the Greek government, that it had warned the… activists about the risks of the trip (!), proves its complicity.

Four recent documents of the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)

I. May 1st message (29 April 2010)

II. Press statement (24 April 2010)

III. Public declaration (21 April 2010)

IV. Communiqué of the Leading Committee (16 April 2010)


On today’s huge demonstrations and the death of three bank employees

The Communist Organization of Greece condemns the IMF-EU’s government for its policy of annihilation of the society and the orgy of repression unleashed against the people. The death of the three bank employees because of fully condemnable acts provokes sorrow and anger, which are added to the wrath felt by the whole society against the government of the Quisling Papandreou.

This cynical government, assisted by the mainstream Media that remind us of the dictatorship’s TV, has the cheekiness to put the responsibility for the death of the three employees on the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators, on the mass movement and more concretely on the Left. It is Papandreou himself who is igniting the tension and the violence because of the measures adopted by his government. No matter how many excuses he will invent in the Parliament, no matter how many appeals for social consent he will make, Papandreou will remain in history as the would-be gravedigger of the Greek people.

Athens and the whole country lived the biggest demonstrations of the last 30 years, with half million marching for six hours in Athens alone. The people demands that Papandreou and those MPs who intend to vote in favor of transforming the society into a human waste bank, account for their crimes. Those who handed over the country and the people to the hyenas of the capital and of the markets, those who attempt to condemn the workers and the youth to extermination, will account to the people.

The police attacked brutally the biggest demonstrations of the last 30 years; it transformed Athens into a huge gas chamber, and also attacked brutally the marches in Thessaloniki and Patras. The Minister of Repression shall account for this!

We hold accountable as well the owner of Marfin Bank, this unsolicited “savior of the Nation” who obliged his employees to remain inside the concrete branch, despite the fact that he knew the danger was imminent. Obviously, human life is cheaper for the capital than the daily profits of a bank branch.

The coordinated effort of the government, of the right-wing opposition and of the extreme right-wing to exploit the death of the three employees in order to stop the torrent of the popular anger, will not go unanswered. The wrath and the despair that coexist in society will send to hell Papandreou and any MP who will vote in favor of the Greek people’s annihilation.

Athens, 5 May 2010

Communist Organization of Greece

The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) salutes the combative mass demonstrations that took place yesterday afternoon and today morning all over the country against the new measures adopted by the government of PASOK. These demonstrations must become the starting point of a great uprising of all the workers and of the whole people, obliging the government to pay dearly its effort to impose the barbaric measures imposed by Brussels. Today the Greek people, demonstrating in their dozens of thousands with such an impressive and militant way, send a clear message to the government: The new anti-people measures will go, or this government will go!

The Communist Organization of Greece condemns the coward attack of the special police forces against Manolis Glezos, the 87 years old Hero of our National Resistance against the Nazi Occupation, outside the entrance of the Parliament, which resulted to his injury and hospitalization in Intensive Care Unit. Seven decades after his legendary and symbolic blow against the Nazi Occupation (*), Manolis Glezos is aggressed by the political servants of Brussels and Berlin!

The Communist Organization of Greece also condemns the unprecedented attack of the special police forces against the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA (Coalition of Radical Left) while the MPs were coming out of the Parliament with their own banner in order to meet the demonstrators. The out of limits behavior of the police forces corresponds very well to the equally out of limits economic and social suffocation imposed on the country by the government of PASOK.

Communiqué of the Communist Organization of Greece on the new anti-people measures adopted by the Greek government [*] - March 3, 2010

After the prime minister delivered, yesterday, a hypocritical and cheap speech about “our fatherland” which is at war with “bad guys” who steal the public wealth (!), today he ordered the government’s spokesman to proceed to the most nightmarish statements ever heard by the working people.

The Papandreou government sinks the country. They confiscate the salaries and pensions. They steal our income through exorbitant taxation. At the same time, they don’t take even 1 euro more than before by the rich. They don’t cut back even 1 euro on the military expenses and armament orders. They don’t ask even 1 euro more from the banks, the biggest robbers of the people. The Papandreou government succeeded, in a very short time, to become even more antipopular than the much hated right-wing governments of Mitsotakis and Karamanlis.

Never before, during the whole post-war era, so much lies were told in such a short time span. The Papandreou government, after giving up the power to the money-markets and to Brussels, now behaves as Berlin’s Gauleiter. The government had the possibility to borrow money with lower interests; to tax the big capital; to exact support from Brussels; to defend the already exhausted and impoverished society. Instead, the Papandreou government chose to be applauded by the Financial Times, Goldman Sachs, Frau Merkel and Mister Baroso. And, as today’s statement by Merkel shows, the liquidation of the Greek people will take place without any financial compensation by the EU.


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