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For 36 days the unprecedented uprising of the Greek people teaches dignity. And dignity is something that the Papandreou “government” is terribly lacking; this “government” wrote today one of the darkest pages in the history of Greece since the overthrow of the dictatorship in 1974.

The Papandreou “government” outdistanced even the collaborationist Quislings of the past, who pretended to be Greeks while they sold the whole country to the foreign occupiers and delivered the people to the firing squads. These traitors of the past have nothing to envy from the current government, which on the one hand claims that they are saving the country from bankruptcy and on the other hand steals everything from the working people and sells out the public wealth.

The tanks and the junta are here - The people's resistance will not break!

Take your “Agreement” and leave the country!

The plan of the government and the “anti”riot police, which obviously aimed at terrorizing dozens of thousands of demonstrators and at calling-off the Parliament’s encirclement, was revealed today in the clearest possible way.

You may see the video prepared by the Popular Assembly of Syntagma (Constitution) Square, calling for the 48hours strike on Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 June, and for the blockade of the Parliament on Wednesday 29 June, in order to block the adoption of the new "Middle Term Program" demanded by the IMF-EU-ECB Troika and supported by the Papandreou government. The link is: or

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THE PROGRAM (details only where there is international participation) [*]

Friday 1 July

19:30-21:00: Workshop 1 From Napoli to Keratea, against rubbish dumps and “waste management” mafia

- Marco Santopadre, director of Radio Città Aperta (Rome, Italy)

- Dimitris Damaskos, Initiative for Concertation on the Waste Management

- Representatives from various communities in struggle against rubbish dumps

19:30-21:00: Workshop 2 The solidarity as an answer to the crisis (“Greek workshop” with participation of solidarity networks and a free-of-charge welfare clinic based on voluntaries)

21:00-22:30  MAIN DEBATE The squares of the world are speaking

- Syntagma square, Athens: Dimitris Mitropoulos (movement “”)

- Puerta del Sol, Madrid: Juma Estévez Mateos

- MayDays, Lisbon: Filipa Gonçalves

- Tahrir square, Cairo: Mohamed Youssef, 6 April Movement

- Plaza del Mayo, Buenos Aires: César Miguel García, Youth of CCC

Resolution of the People’s Assembly, Syntagma [Constitution] Square, Athens

48 hours in the streets: An appeal to the whole country to join Syntagma Square, in order to block the Medium Term Program [*]

It has been one month since we have flooded the squares along our country, claiming to get grip of our lives. In the end of June, our struggle comes to a turning point. This government of zero social acceptance is attempting to vote the Medium Term Program. This plan must not pass. We cannot allow for the looting of our social wealth, we are not willing to tolerate the degradation of the majority of the people in favour of the profits of the few.

The communicative manoeuvres, the fake reshuffles and the blackmailing of the government, IMF, EU do not fool us. We now know that the dilemma isn’t whether to choose "Memorandum" or "Default", as memoranda lead with a mathematical accuracy to social devastation.

For the two day period of the discussion and voting process of the Medium Term Program within the Parliament, unions have released a call for a general 48hour strike. During these two days, no one should work, consume, nor support even the minor breakage of the strike. From the very first morning of the strike we will gather in Syntagma Square along with the People’s Assemblies from all over the country and throughout all the neighbourhoods of Athens.

On the actual day of the voting, we will surround the Parliament – sending out the message that this Middle Term Program is rejected by the people.

It has been one month now that we prove, each and every day, that there are no "one-way streets", and that we possess the power to draw a new course for our society. Now is the time for us to take the next big step. Now the time is ours, now it is the time for us to speak!

It is either us or them! Real democracy now!

The People’s Assembly - Syntagma Square, June 22nd, 2011

[*] A new plan of complete sell-out of the country’s wealth and of extreme social destruction demanded by the IMF-EU-ECB Troika and supported by the Papandreou government. The unions call for a 48 hours general strike on next Tuesday 28 & Wednesday 29 June, and the People's Assemblies dedided to block the access to the Parliament the same days.

Note: The following text is a short description of what happened in Athens/Greece on Wednesday 15 June, which was an important day for the ongoing popular movement. Actually we have no time to translate into English the statements of KOE. We ask for the understanding of our international friends and comrades. We hope that in the next two days we will be able to send you the most important actual documents, and we address our thanks for the international solidarity.

Athens, 17/6/2011, KOE International Relations Dept


On Wednesday 15 June a general strike took place in Greece, in conjunction with the protests in the central squares of dozens of cities, which started on 25 May and continue uninterrupted on a daily basis since then. In Athens, the Popular Assembly of the Constitution square called for the blockade of the Parliament. Hundreds of thousands of people took part in the various mobilizations all over the country, with the majority gathering directly in the squares during the early morning hours, joined later by the demonstrations of trade unions. The Papandreou "government", shaking under the resolute popular protests, attempted to terrorize and put an end to the movement of the Indignados, unleashing the special police forces against the people in all their barbarity – with the kind assistance of the political police infiltrators in plain clothes and of few groups of so-called “nihilists”, who played the government’s game: “Empty the squares”.

[Note:  The following article was published in the weekly “Dromos” on Saturday 4 June. It is based on the experience of the Athens’ Indignados, who protest in Syntagma square since May 25, and offers an inside view on the way that this new movement functions]

There may be no better proof of the rupture that is brought about by the “movement of the squares” other than its open, participatory, directly democratic way of organising and functioning. Within a single week it has given birth to a political culture of a different type, one that literally overcomes all known models of organising and struggle to date.

Even if the issue of its procedures is incomplete, it comes up again and again and comprises the most important legacy already left to the political and social life of the country. This does not mean there are no issues with disorganisation, inefficiency, delays. Taking into account however the explosive rhythm of its development, the lack of previous experience on the side of those who created it, along with the need to compile, step by step, heterogeneous and different opinions of all participants through open procedures, all this is to be expected. Even if time-consuming, its procedures are flexible and are altered by the day; they are self-criticised, adjusted according to mistakes, comments and suggestions deriving from them being tested in practice.

Hundreds of thousands of people (from 300.000 to 500.000 according to various estimations) took part in Athens this Sunday 5 June, for more than 6 hours, in one of the most impressive popular protests of the last 20 years. A human sea covered the whole center of the Greek capital; in Constitution square, in front of the Parliament, the crowd was so dense that for several hours it was practically impossible to walk. The police vainly tried to block the access of the people to the center of the city in several points… The political establishment and its supporters in the mainstream Media have panicked by the massive participation and the resolute stand of the people, who were united by the slogan: “We will not quit until this government goes and until the IMF-EU-ECB troika is thrown away”! Dozens of thousands occupied the central squares of 35 more cities all over Greece. This time the Media did not attempt to ridiculously underestimate the popular participation, as they did 10 days ago (the most blatant case was the pro-government private TV channel “Mega”, which was obliged last week to block the access to its own website as, within a few hours, more than 50.000 visitors posted their not so kind comments about the way this TV channel covers the protest). The same evening, the Popular Assembly of the Constitution square adopted a resolution calling for the blockade of the Parliament starting on 14 June, the day that the government plans to present to the MPs the new Agreement with the troika, including the selling-out (in the form of “guarantee” for the external debt) of all the public property. In the same resolution, the Popular Assembly calls for a general strike, while it invites the people of Athens to continue the daily presence in Constitution square and marks next Sunday 12 June as another day of national protest.

Today, Wednesday June 1, the squares of Greece remain occupied, and the popular protest gains momentum. The hopes of the Papandreou puppet government and of its real masters, the IMF-EU-ECB troika, that this unprecedented movement will gradually fade out are gone for good. Dozens of thousands of people are mobilized each and every day, preparing a huge rally outside the Parliament on Sunday June 5. THE FEAR CHANGES CAMP : With the youth in the forefront, the people united struggle in the most resolute way against the whole political system, which brought Greece in the threshold of bankruptcy in order to serve the interests of the bankers and of the imperialists. Real democracy and respect of people’s sovereignty, those are the aspirations of the masses that have invaded the scene in all their strength, reducing to ashes the calculations of the enemy camp. “We shall not leave the squares until you leave!”, this is the resolution adopted by the Popular Assemblies that function each night in all the main squares of Greece, and this is the slogan that resonates everywhere.

Appeal of the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)

Lets rise up and make them go! Everyone out! Flood the squares! 

The moment is critical for the course of the country. The popular sea that covered yesterday evening the Constitution square in Athens, as well as the similarly unprecedented meetings in dozens of cities all over Greece, mark the entry into a new phase. The movement that was born on 25 May, out of parties and trade unions, is a most important development. The people invades impulsively the scene and makes the first steps towards a big social, democratic and national uprising.

Such an uprising is a necessary precondition in order that our people succeeds to impose a real change; in order that a popular transition takes place, which will bring the hope and the smile in our society; in order that those policies and those politicians who governed during decades and brought the destruction will never return.

The government, the IMF-EU-ECB troika, the pro-Agreement parties, the corrupt and bankrupt political system, the pro-establishment Media persons, must now listen to the voice of the popular indignation: Enough is enough! It’s time that they go!


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