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[Note: This statement was published while the bourgeois parties engaged in an agreement to accept the EU decisions, and were still trying to find a "commonly accepted" prime minister]

1. Under the pressure of the popular factor, and especially after the demonstrations of 28th October against the new occupation’s regime, rapid developments in the political setting have occurred, in a font of incredible pressures, blackmails, bargaining, processes and intrigues. No referendum or elections will take place. Instead, an internal coup was imposed under the instructions of Merkel-Sarkozy. With this coup, a completely de-legitimate government is imposed, in order to promote the new loan agreement and the EU decisions of 26th October, which convert the country into a postmodern colony in Europe. The demand of the IMF-EU-ECB Troika and especially of the Euro zone’s leaders for written declarations of compliance with the EU agreement of 26th October by the Greek political leaders is unforeseen. Not even in the era of the US-dominated post-civil war state, was a written consent “necessary” for the resolvement of problems. The people will keep fighting, against this “new” government as well – this government represents the new occupation’s regime. It will be ultimately overthrown, together with the troika. The anti-occupation struggle is now continued with even greater determination.

Statement of KOE:

Each and every one out, to the streets!

We are in the middle of a storm of fast political developments. The popular factor is the catalyst. It is the Greek people who isolated, de-legitimized and marginalized Papandreou’s government. The people has delivered a thunderous NO to the emergency regime of the IMF-EU-ECB troika and the agreements with the international bandits. The unprecedented demonstrations during the last 48 hours’ general political strike, and the historical event of the National Day’s transformation into a day of “NO to the new occupation”, were not the last drops, but the most recent rushing waves of the popular rage.

Facing the impasses of his policy, the “prime minister” Papandreou attempted a generalized blackmail through his decision for a referendum on the last despicable agreement of subordination, dictated by the EU Summit on October 26. He was not at all sure that this referendum will take place – nevertheless, he thought that through it he may blackmail: (a) the systemic political establishment in order to extort its consensus; (b) certain foreign factors, based on the support of others; (c) the Greek people. The realistic possibility of a resounding NO to the subordination and the new occupation, in case the referendum would take place (as the Greek people has proved its readiness to overthrow the government and the troika in any way possible), has alarmed the European and local headquarters.

What happened yesterday in the Cannes G20 Summit is a new black page in the history of subordination of the Greek ruling class, worthy of its darkest traditions of selling out our people’s and country’s interests since the creation of the Greek state. What happened yesterday can probably be compared only to the era of the US-controlled civil war and post-civil war state. Merkel and Sarkozy, in live broadcast, announced what kind of referendum is allowed to the Greek people, and what kind of referendum is not allowed – threatening the Greek masses, as genuine mafia gangsters, with hunger in case they challenge their decisions. The “prime minister” Papandreou, the most pathetic walkon ever present in Cannes, waited in his corner until Merkel-Sarkozy announce their decision, and then appeared only to ratify the orders of the European extortionists.



The new agreement adopted on October 26 by the EU Summit formally reduces the sovereignty of Greece and imposes on our country a new occupation through the installation of a permanent representation of the IMF-EU-ECB troika. This foreign “Task Force” will have the real power by approving (or not) the policy of the Greek government and by dictating the “necessary” legislation to the Parliament. The “haircut” of a part of the public debt (not of the debt towards the IMF-EU-ECB troika…) will not resolve the “Greek problem”, and much more the Eurozone crisis, although it is accompanied by medieval measures leading to social destruction and extreme pauperization of the big popular majority. Most bourgeois economists themselves, admit that the EU Summit’s resolutions will not offer any real relief to the deep crisis – even in the (most unlikely) event that the Greek society as a whole will accept to regress to total misery without further reactions leading to a popular uprising. The IMF itself admits that, even with the most optimistic scenario, “If Greece will apply all the necessary measures, its debt will be reduced to 120% of the GDP in the year 2020” – that is, Greece will be destroyed in order to arrive, in 10 years, to a debt rate that will be still higher than the debt rate that Greece had in 2010 (115% of the GDP), when the IMF-EU-ECB troika decided to “save” us! But even this “optimistic” scenario will be contradicted by the reality within months, if not weeks – as it has happened with all the previous “salvation programs” and “projections” of the IMF-EU-ECB troika during the last year and half.

The Communist Organization of Greece - KOE issued on October 31, 2011 a Press Statement, publicly dissociating KOE from a “statement” of SYRIZA (Radical Left Coalition) – which in reality has been published by the party of Synaspismos, without any consultation with the Executive Secretariat of SYRIZA. Contrary to the first statement of the coalition, which was in full support of the unprecedented and righteous protests of the Greek people on the National Day (*), the second “statement” was condemning the mass protests of the people as far as they obliged the president of the Hellenic Republic to quit the official celebration parade... The Press Statement of KOE reads as follows:


We fully understand the panic of the “official” political parties in front of the new thunderous NO to the new occupation, as it has been shouted the Greek people all over the country on our National Day of 28 October – just a few days after the biggest political general strike since the fall of the dictatorship. These events wrote History, and confirmed once again, this time in the most resounding way, that the puppet government of Papandreou has lost any legitimacy.

On the contrary, we cannot understand at all the “dissociation” from the popular protests that obliged the president of the republic to leave from the official celebration, as stated in a second “Press Statement of SYRIZA” published the next day in the most arbitrary way by the leadership of Synaspismos, without any consultation with the other forces of SYRIZA. The first Press Statement of SYRIZA, issued on 28 October and saluting the popular protests all over Greece, was correct and did not need any further “clarification”.

On our turn, we fully dissociate ourselves from the unacceptable declarations of Mr Papadimoulis, MP of SYRIZA, who very correctly pointed out that the citizen who physically aggressed an MP of PASOK in the city of Trikala was not member of SYRIZA – the problem is that Mr Papadimoulis did not stop there: He felt obliged to add that this citizen “must be punished according the law” (!), and this while the people of Trikala liberated the citizen just minutes after his arrest by the police.

On this occasion, the Communist Organization of Greece salutes our national resistance figures, Manolis Glezos and Mikis Theodorakis. They, contrary to the president of the republic who openly supports the new occupation, honored their past by declaring that the thunderous protests of the Greek people were the best commemoration of our National Day.

Against the maneuvers of the guilty and collapsing political system, the Greek people will again and again smash the blackmailing and the terrorizing dilemmas put forward by the Papandreou-Quisling government. The Greek people shall continue the struggle for survival and freedom, until the overthrow of the new occupation’s regime and the opening of the path towards a political, economic and social way out for our country.

31 October 2011

Press Office of the Communist Organization of Greece – KOE

(*) On 28 October the masses chased away from the celebrations all over Greece all the government officials and MPs, including the president of the Hellenic Republic, thus transforming the antifascist anniversary in a huge and combative manifestation against the regime of the new occupation. For more, see the statement of KOE on 28 October 2011.

[Translator’s Note: See, in the previous communication (27/10/2011), the background of the National Day, and the call of KOE to transform the official celebrations all over Greece into manifestations of the popular rage against the new occupation. On 28 October 2011, just a few says after the General Strike and the unprecedented demonstrations of hundreds of thousands of people, the masses have again sent a clear message against the new occupation and the puppet Papandreou regime. The “events” of 28 October 2011 are of great importance; they made the whole system shake, and the Greek people took a new step forward in its protracted struggle.]

Statement of KOE: On our National Day, the Greek people have shouted a tremendous “NO” to the new occupation

Today the Greek people have spoken. Today the Greek people smiled. Thousands and thousands of citizens in big and small cities all of over Greece have honored in the most appropriate way the anniversary of the anti-fascist struggle, protesting against the new occupation. Under the popular rage, the “government officials”, the political representatives of the troika, were forced to step down of the celebration tribune from almost every city where military and school pupil’s parades where taking place.

The big military parade has been cancelled as the masses occupied the boulevards, and even the President of the Republic has been obliged to escape from the celebration tribune under police protection. The proud Greek youth once again showed their incredible maturity and high level of conscience during their parades: wearing black brassards, turning their face off the “officials”, shouting slogans, showing in every way that they won’t compromise with being slaves in the protectorate that this regime creates.

Yesterday, on the eve of the National Day, the “prime minister” Papandreou (in reality he is the assistant of the troika-appointed Gauleiter Reichenbach) had attempted to create a “national success” feeling and to inverse reality after the resolution adopted by the EU Summit. He attempted to present the enslavement as a salvation and the bankruptcy as a triumph! Today the Greek people gave him a thunderous reply, tearing apart his salacious propaganda. This puppet “government” must realize it: they can no longer govern, they are completely isolated, and they will fall under the popular rage.

While the Greek people was shouting “NO to the new occupation” all over Greece, chasing all the government officials from the National Day celebrations in almost each and every city, the mainstream Mass Media and the “opposition” systemic parties (from the right wing “New Democracy” and the extreme right wing “LA.O.S.” to the… “Democratic Left”) have supported the faltering regime, expressing once more their consensus. They strongly condemned the people’s manifestations, calling (in vain) the youth and the people to keep their mouths shut and to express their opposition in the… elections!

The regime and the systemic forces are talking about “small groups of protesters”, whereas it is obvious that today the great majority of the citizens expressed their anger and honored in the most appropriate way the anti-fascist struggle by chasing away the representatives of the new occupation. The enemies of the people claim that the “tiny minorities” (!) spoiled the National Day – but they seem to forget that, 71 years before, as well as during the Nazi-fascist occupation, the Greek people have not shed their blood so that one day a German Gauleiter can be re-installed in our country as troika’s Supreme Supervisor. They pretend not to understand that the parades honoring the patriotic-antifascist “NO” are not being spoiled by the attending people, but by the presence of the new Quislings, the troika representatives, the supporters of the new occupation.


On the eve of our National Day – the Day of NO [*]:

A thunderous NO to the new occupation! 

The resolutions adopted by yesterday’s EU Summit put its stamp on the bankruptcy and the, now formal, transformation of Greece into a protectorate. The resolutions of this EU Summit include the permanent installation of the IMF-EU-ECB troika in Greece and, in reality, and the takeover of the government by the international "protectors".

Seventy-one years after 28 October 1940, a new occupation is imposed on our country. The last remnants sense of popular sovereignty and national independence are reduced into ashes. The leaders of the Eurozone are ordering the immediate sell-out of Greece and they leave no doubt that our people will pay dearly, with permanent foreign control accompanied by extreme pauperization.

The government of PASOK has lost any shame. After playing a walkon role in the EU summit, now Papandreou’s government dares to “celebrate” for the fact that Greece is put under the boot of a permanent guardianship. In reality, we cannot anymore talk about a government; Papandreou’s regime is a puppet clique that sees itself only as local partner of the new occupiers.

Statement of KOE

The popular mobilization on 19 and 20 October was shaking and unprecedented since the fall of the dictatorship in 1974. The first day of the general strike, a huge popular river, more than half million demonstrators, occupied the central streets of Athens, and hundreds of thousands stormed all the other cities all over Greece. Big and small enterprises and shops ceased any activity during the general strike. Millions of working people took active part in the strike, both in the public and the private sector. It is now totally undisputed that this “government” of the IMF-EU-ECB troika’s lackeys has no more the slightest legitimacy. The general strike was a loud political statement by the Greek people: “The troika and its government must leave immediately”. Nothing less than that. The struggle goes on, the struggle shall further escalate!

It is obvious that this government will not fall down by itself. It will not be obliged to resign under the pressure of the majority’s MPs, who pathetically keep offering their consensus, each time “for the last time”. The internal contradictions and quarrels within the enemy camp are not sufficient to bring down this regime. Papandreou’s government and the parliamentary group of PASOK are faithfully executing the contract they have signed, assassinating the society. In order to fulfill their task, they repose exclusively on the following three pillars: the foreign troika, the internal reactionary interests, and the bloody repression. This much hated by the popular masses government will fall only by the Greek people’s uprising. It is the duty of each and every resisting force to contribute to the uprising, to the escalation of the struggle, to the building of a broad popular political and social front which will pave the way for the survival of the country and of the people.

The government, the “anti-riot” police forces and the dark para-state mechanisms are responsible for the death of the construction worker Dimitris Kozakidis, member of the PAME trade-union, on the second day of the general strike. This time, the transformation of Athens into a chemical gas chamber had an unbearable cost. The ruthless Papandreou government declares once again openly, now through this murder, that it does not count the human cost in order to execute the assassination contract it has signed with the troika. The sorrow and the anger for the death of the 53 years old demonstrator must be transformed into tenacity and will to continue the fight. The barbaric repression, which this time resulted to the loss of Dimitris Kozakidis, is one more reason to throw out this regime as fast as possible.

Click the following link (webpage of a Greek blogger) and see 10 shocking videos from Papandreou's police attacks against the people of Athens on 29 June 2011 – This is “democracy” in Greece:

Ignore the text etc, it is in Greek. However, the videos do not need subtitles... We translate here only the title of each video, in the order they appear on the webpage:

1. Junta on Constitution (Syntagma) Square (2:03) 2. Attack of motorized police in a pedestrian street (2:35) 3. MAT ("anti-riot" police) help plainclothed police "rioters" to hide in the Parliament (1:00) 4. Constitution Square: Murderous police attack with chemical gas (2:07) 5. Police attacking people who found refuge in the Metro Station (0:49) 6. 500 people wounded by the IMF-EU-ECB junta (0:38) 7. The police attacks the cafeterias! (1:42) 8. The police attacks the Metro Station! (3:04) 9. "Such things do not happen even in war" (3:30) 10. Police attacks with chemical gas the Square's Medical Station (2:49)


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