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Dear friends from all over the world,

We are glad to announce you that the Resistance Festival will take place for the fifth consecutive year in Athens on June 29, 30 and July 1. The draft program will be available shortly. In the meantime… reserve the above dates in your plans! In case you need a Schengen visa of entry in Greece, contact us as soon as possible (phone +30 210 6441745, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 


[...] A few weeks ago, on May 6, the Greek people dealt a severe blow on their enemies, foreign and local. The dramatic reduction of the once mighty political parties’ influence (the two biggest bourgeois parties fell from a total of 77% in 2009 to 32% now!) has spread the panic in the reactionary camp. Furthermore, the electoral results prevented the parties that support the IMF-EU-ECB troika to form a government. After this first victory of the popular masses, which found expression in the electoral field as well, in direct continuation of the General Strikes and of the Squares’ Movement, we are heading towards new elections on June 17. Gods and Demons have now been united against our people, trying to terrorize the Greeks with the coming of the Apocalypse in case they continue their support to the Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA). Frau Merkel and her local lackeys are threatening us with the End of the World in case we dare to say “Enough is enough with your bankrupt political system!” The modern Un-Holy Alliance of the Bankers and of the “Markets” blackmails us with the ghosts of Hunger and Death if we decide that our priority is the salvation of the people and not their profits. And yet! The people of Greece hold firmly! The barrage of the enemy cannot eliminate the realistic possibility of an even more decisive popular victory on June 17, through the further reinforcement of SYRIZA.

It is in this critical context that the Organizing Committee of our Festival has taken the “risky” decision to prepare the 5th edition of the Resistance Festival, considering among others the huge interest of our international friends to take part in it. Thus, we will try to organize the Resistance Festival as a tool for us and for all the foreign delegations to meet, to interact, to deepen our bonds of mutual solidarity and to coordinate in the best possible way our struggles. The Resistance Festival shall take place just two weeks after the elections of June 17. We hope that we welcome you all in a Greece that starts marching on a radically different path: the path of the broad popular front, fighting for Real Democracy, National Independence and Reconstruction of our country. Thanks to the courageous struggle of our people’s movement, and thanks to the international solidarity, we believe that we do not exaggerate when we assert that … THE FUTURE IS NOW!

Communiqué de Presse

1. L’Organisation Communiste de Grèce (KOE) se trouve actuellement à l’épicentre d’une attaque organisée, visant à frapper SYRIZA (Coalition de la Gauche Radicale), duquel notre organisation fait partie intégrante. Les derniers jours, les centres politiques du système (avec le parti de la Droite - Nea Dimokratia et leurs énergumènes dans les Media en premier rang) reproduisent aux chaînes de TV et aux journaux de vieilles affiches de KOE avec un contenu contre l’Union Européenne et, comme de procureurs du roi, ils exigent que nos positions soient condamnés par SYRIZA et que nous sommes exclus du… « corps national » !

2. Il s’agit d’un effort désespéré de la part du vieux système politique, qui tente de déplacer l’actualité loin du message des élections du 6 mai : loin du fait que les forces qui soutiennent les accords avec la troïka FMI-UE-BCE ont été vaincus aussi au champ électorale et elles ont, ainsi, perdu l’initiative. Cet effort de désorientation va de pair avec l’effort de forces réactionnaires de se rassembler et de reconstituer leur propre camp unifié contre le camp populaire. Ils ont choisi un « européanisme » d’esclaves volontaires, identifié avec les accords imposés par la troïka et les exigences qui viennent chaque jour de l’extérieur, de la part de puissances impérialistes et des « marchés ». Ils ont choisi la tactique de la polarisation à travers la misère, et ils espèrent qu’ainsi ils pourront occulter les différentes perspectives sociales possibles. Mais ils sont loin d'être convaincants parce que, eux, ils sont déjà à la tête de la « liste électorale » composée par Mme Merkel pour les élections nationales du 17 juin. Et aussi parce que, avec cette attitude, ils réduisent délibérément les marges gagnées par le pays contre la troïka exactement grâce au vote populaire du 6 mai.

Press Statement of KOE

The bargaining discussions among the pro-troika political parties, aiming at the formation of an “ecumenical government” with the addition of the “Democratic Left”, constitute an attempt to reconstruct the pro-troika reactionary block and to save the trembling, rotten and guilty political system.

These attempts are a direct violation of the verdict of the Greek People on the national elections of 6 May. At the same time, these attempts constitute a continuation of the subordination of the pro-troika political parties to the provocative and sustained interventions of Merkel, Schäuble, Barroso, Dragi and the like against the will of the Greek People.

The Greek People has sent a categorical and majoritarian message on 6 May against the “agreements” with the IMF-EU-ECB troika. The colonial regime imposed by the “agreements” and by the troika is once and for all condemned by the Greek People. The same goes for its servants, no matter if they wear a blue (right wing), green (PASOK) or pink (“Democratic Left”) costume.

The Greek People demands that its vote is respected. The Greek People demands a way out that excludes this political system, which either tolerated or imposed the colonial regime of the new occupation by the imperialists and the bankers.

All these forces, which openly or covertly obey to the troika’s demands, can be sure that any attempt to counterfeit the People’s will, shall only further grow the popular rage, which will sweep away any pro-troika “government”.

The forgery of the People’s will shall fail!

Athens, 11 May 2012

Press Office of KOE

The Greek people has expressed also in the elections its strength and radicalism, sweeping away the pro-troika political forces, provoking an earthquake in the political system, sending a resounding message of overthrow to Europe. The Coalition of Radical Left – SYRIZA is the political force which best expressed the will for the overthrow of the pro-troika regime and the opening of a way out for the country.

Three members of the Communist Organization of Greece – KOE, the comrades Vassilis Hatzilabrou from Western Greece, Vassilis Kyriakakis from Central Greece, and Dimitris Kodelas from Peloponnesus, have been elected MPs with the lists of SYRIZA. Our three comrades have already put themselves in the service of the mass popular movement that keeps shaking our country. They will continue, as they did up to now, to fight in the streets, in the squares, in the demonstrations, always by the side of the people in struggle. They will fight together with SYRIZA for the canceling of the “agreements” with the IMF-EU-ECB troika, which led our country to bankruptcy and further increased its dependence.

The struggle continues!

On the wreckage of the political system that led to the new occupation of Greece by the imperialists and the bankers, let’s build a real democracy!

Athens, 8 May 2012

Press Office of KOE

For your information, below you may find the final results of yesterday’s national elections, as well as some short unofficial information about the parties with parliamentary representation. Despite the antidemocratic and absurd electoral law (*), our organization is now represented by 3 comrades in the Greek Parliament. On this occasion, we want to sincerely thank the dozens of fraternal parties and organizations from all over the world who have sent to SYRIZA and to KOE their solidarity and congratulations. In these critical times, we are very much aware of our responsibility towards our people and also to the international movement. A full statement about the ongoing important developments will follow (because of the difficulty of the defeated pro-troika parties to form a government, the possibility of new elections has increased).

Results of the national elections in Greece (Sunday, 7 May 2012):

1. “New Democracy” 18,85% - 108 seats (**)

2. SYRIZA 16,78% - 52 seats

3. PASOK 13,18% - 41 seats

4. Independent Greeks 10,60% - 33 seats

5. KKE 8,48% - 26 seats

6. “Golden Dawn” 6,97% - 21 seats

7. “Democratic Left” 6,11% - 19 seats

8. Greens-Ecologists 2,93% - 0 seats (***)

9. “LAOS” 2,90% - 0 seats (***)

10. “Democratic Alliance” 2,55% - 0 seats (***)

(*) For example, in the region of Magnesia (Central Greece) SYRIZA obtained the second position, with 18%, and our candidate is the first in votes. However, SYRIZA did not elect an MP in this region, while the “Democratic Left”, with just 5,94% in Magnesia, did!

(**) The antidemocratic electoral law gives a “bonus” of 50 seats to the first party!

(***) Additionally, the electoral law imposes a 3% threshold for a party to elect MPs. As a result, in these elections a total of 19% of the voters are not represented in the Parliament; among them, the Greens-Ecologists, the extreme right-wing “LAOS” (which suffered a 50% decrease because of its support to the IMF-EU-ECB troika) and the “Democratic Alliance”.

In the middle, the chairman of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, celebrating with people1. The Greek people has spoken. In fact, the Greek people was speaking two years now, but the “above” were not listening. Today the Greek people has sweeped away the pro-troika (IMF-EU-ECB) political forces and has provoked an earthquake that makes the whole political system trembling. Our people has sent a thunderous message to the troika. (*)

2. The path towards a different type of representation, a different political system, the path towards real democracy and a radical political transition, now gets open.

3. The people put our country on the course of a way out, leaving behind (and punishing) all those who were managing Greece during the last two years, imposing a regime of social destruction.

4. The great protagonists of this day, that is, the Greek people and the popular movement (which in great extent found expression in SYRIZA – Coalition of Radical Left) today shoulder a huge task: to turn this way out into a reality.

Athens, 7 May 2012, 19:30 hours

(*) This first comment is based on the exit polls after the closing of the voting (19:00 hours). The results will be known later. According to the exit polls, the two “big” bourgeois parties loose together more than half of the votes they obtained in 2009. From 80% of the vote that they had together in the last elections, now they total much less than 40%. The Coalition of Radical Left – SYRIZA is the big winner, obtaining the 2nd place (from 4,7% in 2009, now SYRIZA obtains, according to the exit polls, from 15% to 17% of the popular vote!).

Photo: Celebration in late evening outside the central stand of SYRIZA in Athens. In the center, the chairman of the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras

Statement of KOE's Leading Committee

Down with the illegal Quisling “government” and the whole corrupted political system

They must all go! Forward, towards a radical political change led by the people!

Democracy, Independence, Productive Reconstruction, Emancipation

1. The Communist Organization of Greece salutes the hundreds of thousands of people who protested on Sunday 12/2 in Athens and throughout Greece, making absolutely clear their opposition to the new fetters that the IMF-EU-ECB troika regime wants to impose on the people and the country. We salute the combative spirit that is constantly increasing among the Greek people against the occupation, the tyranny and the dictatorial regime, and particularly against its policy of social extermination. We salute the hundreds of thousands of people who gathered in the centre of Athens and weren’t deterred by the continuous ruthless chemical attacks of the repressive forces; on the contrary, the masses moved resolutely towards Syntagma Square and remained there for more than five hours, repulsing the police with courage and perseverance. The fire is burning in the souls of our people, and that is probably the biggest problem for the occupation regime.

2. The Communist Organization of Greece denounces the orchestrated campaign of terror and intimidation, which started as soon as the Papadimos’ government met with the first troubles, revealing that the supposed «airtight unity for the salvation of the country» was trembling, since the pro-troika political forces have undertaken the implementation of a disaster program for Greece. Fear haunts this black front, and that’s why the extreme right-wing, the right-wing and “socialist” parties all together participate in this campaign of people’s intimidation: they pronounce edicts and ultimatums, they attempt to corral their MPs, they blackmail the people with fake dilemmas, that if we refuse the Bailout Agreement we shall become a second Argentina. The ones who are signing the new bonds imposed by the troika and leading to social extermination are being ridiculous in their attempts to intimidate the masses: They claim that they do it for us to have milk, schools, medicine, health treatment… while at the same moment they already deprive us of these basic goods and services, and they plan nothing else than to lead the country in full bankruptcy.

The police of the puppet Press Statement of ΚΟΕ

Down with the coup of the Bailout Agreement, down with the illegal Papadimos’ government

Overthrow the whole rotten political system

Democracy, Independence, Productive Reconstruction, Emancipation

The Communist Organization of Greece salutes the hundreds of thousands of people who swamped Athens yesterday and protested throughout Greece, resolutely opposing the new bonds that the IMF-EU-ECB troika imposes. The Greek people proved their advanced readiness for combat, and showed increased endurance and courage facing the ruthless attacks of the “special police” forces. Despite the state terrorism and the blackmails of the establishment, the fighting spirit of the people against the new occupation and the tyranny is raging.

The new Bailout Agreement is imposed entirely as in a coup, by an illegal government, and “approved” by a parliament that has lost any legitimacy. The Papadimos’ puppet government, the three bourgeois pro-Agreement parties and the politicians who voted for and supported the new disastrous Bailout Agreement are continuously violating their own Constitution and the country’s sovereignty. Their whole political system is hence entirely illegitimate. They have definitively taken a divorce from the people, and must leave immediately.



Dear Comrades and Friends, for the New Year 2012, we wish you health, and courage in the struggles! We thank you for your solidarity - We shall overcome!

Querid@s Camaradas y Amig@s, por el Año Nuevo de 2012, le deseamos salud, y coraje en la lucha! Gracias por su solidaridad - ¡Venceremos!

Cher(e)s camarades et ami(e)s, pour le Nouvel An 2012, nous vous souhaitons santé, et du courage dans les luttes! Merci pour votre solidarité - Nous vaincrons!

Дорогие товарищи и друзья! Для Нового года 2012, мы желаем вам здоровья и мужества в борьбе! Мы благодарим вас за вашу солидарность - Мы победим!

Liebe Genossen und Freunde, für das neue Jahr 2012, wir wünschen Ihnen Gesundheit und Mut in die Kämpfe! Wir danken Ihnen für Ihre Solidarität - Wir werden siegen!

Down with the puppets of Merkel-Sarkozy!

Let’s overthrow the rotten political system of the Quisling-type collaborators!

The mainstream Media, the business world, the banks, are all happy: All those who led us to the actual situation (from the PASOK of the former PMs Simitis and Papandreou to the right-wing party of Nea Dimokratia through the extreme-right wing party of LAOS, which since 2010 supports PASOK and voted in favor of the first agreement with the IMF-EU-ECB troika) are now building a government of their “national” unity. And they do so, all together now, in order to ensure the continuation of the IMF-EU-ECB troika’s destructive plans. It goes without saying that they will continue to tear apart whatever still remains of the democratic and social rights and of the public wealth, under the pretext that they will “save the country” (as much as they did until today…) by applying the colonial-type measures imposed by the EU through the “new loan agreement” of October 26. The vision of so many bourgeois politicians and “analysts” now becomes a reality: The devastation of Greece will be managed not any more by a “one-party” government, but by a “national” unity government – a government led by the “technocrats” with the banker Papadimos as prime minister.


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