Statement of KOE

The treacherous stance of the Samaras-Venizelos-Kouvelis “local troika” (*) against the proud Cypriot ΝΟ shall remain as another indelible stain in the infamous history of the Greek ruling class. The Greek government ought to have widened the rift that the Cypriot NO has opened against the policy of the Memoranda, thus grabbing the opportunity to challenge the “Greek program” of the IMF-EU-ECB troika. This option, the only one in solidarity with Cyprus and the only one that would save Greece, could change the turn of events in the European South. But it was not adopted. It was not adopted because we have a “government” that in reality is nothing more than an obedient minion of Merkel. So this date, 25th March 2013, the anniversary of the 1821 Independence Revolution, will remain in history as a day of punishment for the Cypriot people and of shame for the Greek “government”.

The cynical and extortionate decision of the Eurocrats, together with their accomplices, the governments of Samaras and Anastassiadis, opens the door to a new “Attila”, albeit more embellished and more Europeanized than the 1974 foreign invasion and occupation of the martyred island. It’s a new “Attila” armed with the state-of-the-art “guns” of debt and of “liquidity interruption”, with the clear objective to destroy the Cypriot economy and transform the Republic of Cyprus into a euro-protectorate.

Apart from the colonization of the European South, special importance should be given to another dimension: Cyprus has become the guinea pig of a new Merkel tool. As the leader of Eurogroup J. Daiselbloom confessed, the Cypriot “model” is ready to be “exported”. A generalized haircut of deposits, following the example of Cyprus, will soon be a choice for other countries “bailout programs”. All European bank deposits are at stake. For Greece this is extremely important, as recapitalization of the banks is at the forefront. Shall the people be called to pay the expenses once again?

Unless our peoples do not impose a change, the economic catastrophe and the social “Kaiadas” will go in hand with an immediate mortgaging of national sovereignty and a threat against our territorial integrity. The French President Francois Hollande, during his recent visit in Greece, referred to our country’s Exclusive Economic Zone as “European EEZ”, only to be immediately applauded by the obedient Greek PM Samaras. This was just the preliminary announcement for the beginning of a generalized European and German onslaught of the sovereign rights of Greece and Cyprus.

But the Cypriot people are not going to surrender to the troika, no matter how hard their enemies try to deprive them of their rights and freedom of opinion. Thus, Mr Shaeuble should not get so much excited and declare openly that “the new deal does not need any ratification by the Cypriot parliament”. In fact, such declarations only show how much Merkel’s supporters are afraid of Democracy.

In Greece the pro-troika forces and the obedient to the system Mass Media preach that saying “No” is an irresponsible act. Moreover, they put the blame on SYRIZA for its principled anti-memoranda and patriotic stance. Nevertheless, they will not be able to bend the morale of the Greek People. They are very well aware that they have become hated by “their” people. Yesterday, during the celebrations for the Independence Revolution’s anniversary, the demand of the demonstrating people for common struggles and solidarity with Cyprus was heard once again loudly all over Greece. In Athens, the government had to block half of the city center with iron bars, police wagons and thousands of policemen in order to proceed to the official “celebration” without the participation of citizens! Their time is running up!

Down with Merkel’s EU

For a different Greece and a different Cyprus in a different Europe

United Front of the peoples against the colonization of the South

Forward! For National Sovereignty, Real Democracy, Productive Reconstruction of our country!

Athens, 26/3/2013