Press release of KOE about today’s general strike

Today hundreds of thousands of people participated massively and vigorously in the general strike and the mobilizations all over Greece, sending a clear message to the internal and external “troikas” that are attempting a final and fatal blow against our society and country.

The massive participation in the demonstrations in many cities shows that a new round of struggles is now opening. We are participating in a new round of action of the broad popular masses, which continue to seek political solutions and a way out of the crisis.

Despite the weaknesses and the hesitation after the last elections, despite the blackmail and the manipulations of the tripartite government, the people once more manifested its presence, reaffirming its role and its will.

As we are facing the ongoing catastrophe of our society and country, a coordinated political struggle to stop the new measures and oblige this government of subordination and sell-out to leave is necessary. These remain the goals and preconditions to completely overthrow this political system.

Today’s mobilizations, as well as the huge demonstrations in Madrid and Lisbon, prove that the peoples have the possibility to mark the events, that they can pave the way towards real change.

Stop the measures that bring misery to the people and destruction to the country!

Let’s overthrow the internal and external “troikas”!