Statement of KOE's Leading Committee

Down with the illegal Quisling “government” and the whole corrupted political system

They must all go! Forward, towards a radical political change led by the people!

Democracy, Independence, Productive Reconstruction, Emancipation

1. The Communist Organization of Greece salutes the hundreds of thousands of people who protested on Sunday 12/2 in Athens and throughout Greece, making absolutely clear their opposition to the new fetters that the IMF-EU-ECB troika regime wants to impose on the people and the country. We salute the combative spirit that is constantly increasing among the Greek people against the occupation, the tyranny and the dictatorial regime, and particularly against its policy of social extermination. We salute the hundreds of thousands of people who gathered in the centre of Athens and weren’t deterred by the continuous ruthless chemical attacks of the repressive forces; on the contrary, the masses moved resolutely towards Syntagma Square and remained there for more than five hours, repulsing the police with courage and perseverance. The fire is burning in the souls of our people, and that is probably the biggest problem for the occupation regime.

2. The Communist Organization of Greece denounces the orchestrated campaign of terror and intimidation, which started as soon as the Papadimos’ government met with the first troubles, revealing that the supposed «airtight unity for the salvation of the country» was trembling, since the pro-troika political forces have undertaken the implementation of a disaster program for Greece. Fear haunts this black front, and that’s why the extreme right-wing, the right-wing and “socialist” parties all together participate in this campaign of people’s intimidation: they pronounce edicts and ultimatums, they attempt to corral their MPs, they blackmail the people with fake dilemmas, that if we refuse the Bailout Agreement we shall become a second Argentina. The ones who are signing the new bonds imposed by the troika and leading to social extermination are being ridiculous in their attempts to intimidate the masses: They claim that they do it for us to have milk, schools, medicine, health treatment… while at the same moment they already deprive us of these basic goods and services, and they plan nothing else than to lead the country in full bankruptcy.

3. The Communist Organization of Greece also denounces the mainstream Media, which are aligned to the afore mentioned intimidation and obscure the truth. In other cases they interrupt their program and broadcast “extraordinary news” in continuous flow. On Sunday, however, while the whole country was demonstrating in the streets and the masses were resisting the repression during hours, they referred to the protests only in the evening “news”, spotting out once more only the “catastrophic riots”... The biggest private TV channel (“Mega Channel”) even dared to mention that the protesters in Athens were “no more than 20.000”! Those… hunting dogs of information did not see the hundreds of thousands of protesters in Athens, nor the huge protests and the occupation of public places by the masses in the rest of the country. The big bourgeoisie is scared of the people and afraid of its rage, while the Media keep silent or slander.

4. The Communist Organization of Greece condemns the brutal political decision of the puppet government to try to disperse the popular sea using dangerous and forbidden chemicals against the protesters. We condemn the violence and the brutality of the special “anti-riot” police, who implement the policy of reppression against the people ungrudgingly, not hesitating to use their “weapons” in the most savage way even against two emblematic figures of Greece: our National Resistance hero Manolis Glezos and the internationally famous compositor Mikis Theodorakis. Besides, it was not accidental that the police attack against the rally began exactly when Manolis Glezos and Mikis Theodorakis reached Syntagma Square, enthusing the crowds. The plan of the illegal Papadimos government to gag and terrorize the people, and to finally take the grand popular rally apart, was planified in advance. The Communist Organization of Greece asks for the immediate release of the arrested protesters and the cease of any kind of prosecution against them.

5. The burning of buildings and the looting are deliberately exaggerated in order to facilitate the slandering of the movement and the intimidation of the people, while at the same time they provide an alibi to those in power for their policy of brutal repression. However, these acts of burning and looting cannot anymore conceal the essence of the problems faced by the people, nor the efforts of the illegal government to impose a social model of extreme pauperization for the big popular majority and of the country’s complete sell out. Those “above” cannot any longer easily disorientate and manipulate those “below”, i.e. the broad masses who have now learned to distinguish between the legitimate combative defense against the repressive forces, and such acts of indiscriminate violence. Our experience is strengthening: in December 2008 too, there had been efforts made to defame the revolted youth, alike with May 2010, when the murder of 3 employees because of the fire set in a branch of “Marfin Bank” froze the popular rage for quite some time. So, we are not bewildered by the fires set in private buildings: such acts, which have nothing to do with the mass struggle, are purposefully planned to openly harm this struggle, and are always "appropriately" exploited by the opposite camp.

6. “Mnemonium 2”, i.e. the Bailout Agreement, was voted on Sunday by the “parliament”. As for the people, this is an illegal, illegitimate and deposed decision. No citizen has been asked, nor anyone has elected any of the MPs to vote in favor of such “agreements”, which violate the national and popular sovereignty and the very Constitution of Greece, impose a program of social extermination and are totally opposite even to the pre-electoral programs of the now pro-troika political forces. No one voted for PASOK to have a tripartite government or to have a representative of the banks and of the troika as a prime minister. No one voted for Reichenbach or Fuchtel as gauleiters and governors with extraordinary powers.

7. Simultaneously, Sunday’s voting clearly showed how vulnerable the black block is. It revealed how isolated and perforated the political establishment is, how deep the big political crisis runs, and how close a generalized reformation has come. The 45 MPs’ expulsions from the 3 political parties that support the Papadimos government, because of their vote against the Bailout Agreement, are not to be ignored. Never before was the total number of MPs from the “socialist” PASOK and right-wing ND under 200; never before did the “independent” MPs reach almost the number of those of the main opposition party (ND: 63, total of “independent” MPs: 56). Both this government and this parliament are clearly in full contrast to the people’s will – for that alone the illegal Papadimos government should have resigned.

8. The intensified crisis and the multi-disintegration of the bourgeois political system and of the black pro-troika block constitutes a unique opportunity for the promotion of another –not just political but also social– alternative block of forces that could become a protagonist. Such a front could –if the necessary will existed– put an end to the special regime and lead the country on a different course. The primary issue, the main goal that demands the biggest possible mobilization of forces, is to take down this whole political system that falters and collapses, but still grips on power, as it is supported by both the foreign troika and the local complex of big contractors, comprador big bourgeois groups and mainstream Media.

9. The political establishment has taken a divorce from the people. It doesn’t represent the Greek people anymore. With its decisions, it cancels the present and the future of our people, as well as the future of the next generations, forcing us a century back. It is an instrument of the loan sharks, the rich ones, the stockbrokers, the bandits, the Eurocrats. The old political establishment represents only the world of the modern Quislings, the collaborators of the troika, the subordinated to the foreign powers plutocracy. This whole political system has to be overthrown. This is the main actual goal of our ongoing struggle for a way out and salvation for the country and its people.

10. The country is sinking, the people want Democracy and Independence, they are fighting for survival, and they want to bring down this regime. The time has come for their voice to be heard. Let the people speak! The demand for “the people to be heard” doesn’t mean to give their vote to some political party in the next elections while Greece remains a protectorate, and while the “agreements” imposed by the troika will be considered an “accomplished fact”. The demand that the people be heard means to find the way and the means for the most democratic and genuine expression of the popular will concerning these “agreements”, the troika and the special regime imposed on Greece. It’s high time to put an end to the successive coups of the last two years!

11. The path towards a political solution and a change of course cannot be opened without the intervention of the people, without the popular revolt, without the people’s struggle, for the mere reason that the Greek people’s desires and needs have to bring down the obstacles that a minority puts; a minority that is ruling illegally, selling out the country and “governing” under British law and German supervision. Therefore, what is needed is the widest possible rallying of political and social forces in order to achieve the political, financial and social way out for the country; what is needed is a front for the salvation of the country. Furthermore, what is needed is a broad and sincere discussion among the masses, and the preparation of the people for the difficult but necessary concrete steps leading to economic recovery. This is how the foundations for a democratic course will be laid and at the same time the road will open for the necessary productive reconstruction of the country.

12. The Left must listen to the people’s mandate for unity and struggle against the new occupation and the “agreements”. It must endorse the genuine popular demand for the traitors to be punished, as they sell out the country and oppress the people. It owes to unite – not to “unite” with itself or, even worse, isolated in its various separate microworlds, but to unite with the people and the popular demands. Only this can give the Left thrashing power, and make the Left once again useful in serving the people.

13. Simple reasoning, as well as the duty of the people’s survival and of the country’s salvation, commandeer the building of a broad popular front and the organization of a revolt that shall overthrow the occupation regime, shall guarantee the unconstrained expression of the people’s will, and shall set as first priority the relief of the people, introducing immediately the stoppage of payments towards the money lenders. Not one more euro to the loan sharks! No more chains! Forward, towards a radical political change led by the people!

The people have to take the future of Greece into its own hands!

Athens, 14/2/2012

Leading Committee of the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)