Down with the puppets of Merkel-Sarkozy!

Let’s overthrow the rotten political system of the Quisling-type collaborators!

The mainstream Media, the business world, the banks, are all happy: All those who led us to the actual situation (from the PASOK of the former PMs Simitis and Papandreou to the right-wing party of Nea Dimokratia through the extreme-right wing party of LAOS, which since 2010 supports PASOK and voted in favor of the first agreement with the IMF-EU-ECB troika) are now building a government of their “national” unity. And they do so, all together now, in order to ensure the continuation of the IMF-EU-ECB troika’s destructive plans. It goes without saying that they will continue to tear apart whatever still remains of the democratic and social rights and of the public wealth, under the pretext that they will “save the country” (as much as they did until today…) by applying the colonial-type measures imposed by the EU through the “new loan agreement” of October 26. The vision of so many bourgeois politicians and “analysts” now becomes a reality: The devastation of Greece will be managed not any more by a “one-party” government, but by a “national” unity government – a government led by the “technocrats” with the banker Papadimos as prime minister.

Until yesterday we have had governments and prime ministers who, at least formally, were elected by the people. They were supposed to put into practice their electoral program; instead, they were of course all faithfully applying the instructions of the business world, the instructions of Brussels and Washington. However what we have today, for the first time in our modern “democratic” history, is a government formally and directly imposed by the European commissars and bankers. And, also for the first time, we have a prime minister directly and formally imposed by Berlin. Apparently, the regime of economic and political occupation seems to not need anymore even the fig leaf they used until today. As in the era of the Nazi collaborators, we find ourselves under economic and political occupation “for the sake of the nation”. As Tsolakoglou [the Greek version of Quisling] would have put it: “The Germans are our best friends”…

The acceptance of the new loan agreement, as it was decided in the EU Summit of October 26, is not aiming of course at helping Greece to avoid bankruptcy (it is more than clear now that bankruptcy is exactly where Greece is directed). The real reason for this new agreement is to prevent Greece from declaring an immediate suspension of payments, which would lead European banks to collapse. That is, our “saviors”, with their blackmail against Greece to accept the new destructive agreement, aim at nothing else but to save themselves. This is the agreement that suddenly received a loud “Yes!” on behalf of Mr Samaras, leader of the right wing “opposition” who was until yesterday theatrically pretending to oppose the troika’s demands…

There is, however, a lesson that can be drawn from the last days’ developments: Even the threat for a referendum, so that the people will decide whether to accept these agreements or not, constitutes a huge bargaining argument. It could be as a weapon that would panic the enemy camp. Much more, the threat for an immediate suspension of payments would constitute an even more effective weapon. The Greek “government” had this weapon all the time in her arsenal; but never used it. Would the “government” use this weapon, it would be more than possible to avoid the economic and political occupation of the country and the supposedly “unavoidable” application of the measures that have already exhausted the working people and the country. Now, with the collaboration of the bourgeois political establishment and of the mainstream Media, those who desperately try to save themselves, want us to adopt the new loan agreement; and, in order to do so, they impose on us a “new” government with a prime minister who, until yesterday, was the vice-chairman of the ECB, directly under Trichet.

For the broad popular masses, who want to stand up against the nightmare that lasts 18 months now, for all those who realize more and more consciously that the survival of themselves and of their families depends on their struggle, the fight against the contemporary new occupation becomes the unique option. The organization of the masses and of the popular uprising become the only solution. For the political forces who claim to be opposed to the course followed the last 18 months, and especially for the Left, the non-recognition of this anti-constitutional and non-legitimate government under Papadimos and the complete rupture of all ties with this rotten political system that supports the new occupation’s regime, is as well the unique option. Unity in the struggle, in the organization and the popular uprising: this is the only solution for the Left that aspires to serve the people.

In a few days we shall celebrate the 38th anniversary of the 1973 popular uprising against the military junta and its imperialist patrons. This year the message of the 1973 uprising becomes timelier than ever. The people all over Greece will again get into the streets, struggling against the new occupation regime and this “new government”-result of an antidemocratic “institutional coup”. Once again, the Greek people will make his thunderous battle-cry heard all over: “Independence-Freedom-Genuine Democracy”, “For Bread-Education-Freedom, the 1973 uprising continues until victory!”. We will put all our forces in the service of this struggle, for a deep political change, which is the necessary precondition in order to open up the path of an alternative radical perspective for the country and the people.

November 11, 2011

KOE Press Office