[Note: This statement was published while the bourgeois parties engaged in an agreement to accept the EU decisions, and were still trying to find a "commonly accepted" prime minister]

1. Under the pressure of the popular factor, and especially after the demonstrations of 28th October against the new occupation’s regime, rapid developments in the political setting have occurred, in a font of incredible pressures, blackmails, bargaining, processes and intrigues. No referendum or elections will take place. Instead, an internal coup was imposed under the instructions of Merkel-Sarkozy. With this coup, a completely de-legitimate government is imposed, in order to promote the new loan agreement and the EU decisions of 26th October, which convert the country into a postmodern colony in Europe. The demand of the IMF-EU-ECB Troika and especially of the Euro zone’s leaders for written declarations of compliance with the EU agreement of 26th October by the Greek political leaders is unforeseen. Not even in the era of the US-dominated post-civil war state, was a written consent “necessary” for the resolvement of problems. The people will keep fighting, against this “new” government as well – this government represents the new occupation’s regime. It will be ultimately overthrown, together with the troika. The anti-occupation struggle is now continued with even greater determination.

2. Under the blackmailing dilemma “euro or destruction”, the bankruptcy and the liquidation of the country, to the creditors’ and their political representatives’ benefit, are imposed. The alignment of all the bourgeois forces in supporting the shameful “loan agreement” occurs under the pretext of avoiding the exit of the country from the euro - which to them equals a disaster. The EU leadership, with its decisions and blackmailing, showed by any means available that there are no ways, through the EU mechanisms and agreements, to follow a course of independence, democracy and reconstruction of the production. The people must not give in to such dilemmas. A future for the country and its people will only accrue through confrontation and ruptures with all the mechanisms and the policies of the EU – for a different Greece in a different Europe, without this EU. The slavery to the EU is not a vision, nor a shelter. It is a contemporary form of servility, through which the bourgeois forces unite against the people. The slavery to the EU is a synonym to the contemporary exploitation of the workers, to the drainage of the peoples and to the destruction of the countries of the European South, such as Greece.

3. The big “No” to the new loan agreement must be the basic context of the immediate multiple action of the popular forces, of all those who unite in the political struggle for the overthrow of the new occupation’s regime, for the fall of this regime – which is a basic precondition for opening a new course of the political, economical and social way out of the country. The struggle for survival (against the new taxes, the unemployment, the destruction of the health sector etc), the solidarity and the organization of the people in every sector, in combination with the efforts for the construction of a political and social front aiming at the salvation of the country, are necessary steps for the development and expression of the mass popular movement.

4. The mass popular movement, spawn by the radicalization and the processes of altering conscience in broad masses, must overcome the terrifying or blackmailing dilemmas set by the bourgeoisie. The popular movement must put forward its alternative, without becoming dehydrated by giving priority to electoral processes. . The popular movement must deepen its goals and the context of its struggle. From this point of view, the first great presence of the popular movement will occur all over Greece on 17th of November, on the anniversary of the 1973 antifascist-antiimperialist popular uprising. There, the condemnation of the occupation’s regime and of the new government that serves it, the demand for democracy and independence, the condemnation of the strangulation imposed by the EU and the euro, the “No” to the loan agreement, must be expressed. The message of the popular uprising for a deep, meaningful, real change in the country, must be expressed!

Let’s get rid of the junta of the troika, the memorandums, the loan agreement, the puppets!

The left must not acknowledge the new government nor the parliamentary coup, by postponing for as long as it is needed its participation in the parliament.

Popular alert, in order to overthrow as fast as possible the new occupation’s government!