Statement of KOE:

Each and every one out, to the streets!

We are in the middle of a storm of fast political developments. The popular factor is the catalyst. It is the Greek people who isolated, de-legitimized and marginalized Papandreou’s government. The people has delivered a thunderous NO to the emergency regime of the IMF-EU-ECB troika and the agreements with the international bandits. The unprecedented demonstrations during the last 48 hours’ general political strike, and the historical event of the National Day’s transformation into a day of “NO to the new occupation”, were not the last drops, but the most recent rushing waves of the popular rage.

Facing the impasses of his policy, the “prime minister” Papandreou attempted a generalized blackmail through his decision for a referendum on the last despicable agreement of subordination, dictated by the EU Summit on October 26. He was not at all sure that this referendum will take place – nevertheless, he thought that through it he may blackmail: (a) the systemic political establishment in order to extort its consensus; (b) certain foreign factors, based on the support of others; (c) the Greek people. The realistic possibility of a resounding NO to the subordination and the new occupation, in case the referendum would take place (as the Greek people has proved its readiness to overthrow the government and the troika in any way possible), has alarmed the European and local headquarters.

What happened yesterday in the Cannes G20 Summit is a new black page in the history of subordination of the Greek ruling class, worthy of its darkest traditions of selling out our people’s and country’s interests since the creation of the Greek state. What happened yesterday can probably be compared only to the era of the US-controlled civil war and post-civil war state. Merkel and Sarkozy, in live broadcast, announced what kind of referendum is allowed to the Greek people, and what kind of referendum is not allowed – threatening the Greek masses, as genuine mafia gangsters, with hunger in case they challenge their decisions. The “prime minister” Papandreou, the most pathetic walkon ever present in Cannes, waited in his corner until Merkel-Sarkozy announce their decision, and then appeared only to ratify the orders of the European extortionists.

The blackmail by Merkel-Sarkozy is translated as follows: “We decide for your fate. You will just shut up and obey. You are subject to regime of emergency, and your people has no right to express his opinion – yours is a people under probation and foreign tutelage. You will form a ‘national unity government’ that will serve us, otherwise we will throw you out of the Eurozone, once we have completely squeezed you. And it goes without saying that in any case you will continue to pay.” Facing this extortion, what did the political system of the subordination, its political parties and its mainstream Media, answer? Their answer was: “We will support the troika’s regime through a ‘national unity government’.” We did not expect else by a system that cannot survive without the domination of the extortionists and of the usurers. We did not expect else by a system that has tied its fate with the service of its foreign masters.

However, our people is able to do different! By overthrowing this miserable regime. That is, by overthrowing the troika and the agreements with the international gangsters, and by putting an end to the rotten political system. By uniting its huge forces in order to offer a different political, economic and social way out for the country. Such a way out would require an immediate and full stop of payments to the “creditors”, and the initiation of a big campaign for the restructuring of the production, so that the Greek people will be able to stand on his own feet and to stop living under foreign tutelage and blackmails. Thus, our people is able to walk on the path of genuine Democracy, Independence and Emancipation. This is the path of the real salvation, survival and freedom for the people and for the country.

Once our people walks on this path, he will not be afraid to come to a rupture with all those factors and mechanisms that keep Greece in the status of a riveted and humiliated country, that transform Greece into a post-modern European protectorate, immersed in misery and enslavement. In this way, a message of Dignity and Resistance will be addressed from Greece to the peoples of the whole world. The Eurozone, immersed in a long course of internal rivalries and liquidation, cannot survive by transforming into ruins all the popular and democratic achievements. The Euro, after been a hard currency-vehicle for the transfer of wealth to the few and powerful, a vehicle of most dark and anti-popular choices, is now used as non-negotiable religious dogma at the expense of society. However, there is no other doctrine beyond the survival and the dignity of the people!

The consensus of the whole bourgeois world based on the acceptance of the colonial-type loan agreement, as it was ordered by Merkel and Sarkozy in Cannes yesterday, is a provocation against the Greek people and his expressed will. The masks have fallen: Mr Samaras, leader of the right wing “opposition” and until yesterday “opposite to the agreement”, today declares that he is present, ready for a government in the service of all the agreements, of the troika, and of the last colonial-type loan agreement. This is not a “national salvation”, but a coordinated course towards the liquidation of the country and of the whole society.

No government of “national unity”, “salvation”, “consensus” or whatever they call it, will be accepted by the people as long as those who prepare such a “solution” wish the perpetuation of the emergency regime and of the troika’s domination. There will be no unity if they wish our people on his knees and our country subordinated to foreign masters! There will be no consensus as long as the predatory agreements remain into force and the troika remains in Greece. Our people will “vote” again in the streets, and will again send a clear message: NO to the new occupation!

The Greek people never asked for a “solution” through elections, nor through a referendum under the terms dictated by Papandreou or by the EU (although the Greek people would as well find the way to express his rage and his NO in any such process – elections or referendum), nor for a “national unity government” in the service of the troika. For this reason, the creation of a new pro-troika “national unity government” is a flagrant deviance and an anti-democratic coup. Our people has clearly spoken: He has fought in the streets to overthrow this government that today is falling apart. He has fought to bring down the whole rotten political system and to put an end to the junta of the agreements and of the troika. He has required genuine Democracy and Independence.

Nobody may understimate this clear popular mandate! It is with these demands that our people shall continue the struggle, until the overthrow of any government in service of the troika. The role of the Left is not to asks for elections in general, but to contribute to this struggle, to contribute to the building of a broad popular front for the salvation of the country.

There is no “national salvation” until we overthrow the troika and its regime

Stop of payments, Productive restructuring, Democracy – NOW!

Social & Political Front for the country’s political-economic-social way out

NO to the new occupation – For a radical popular change

3 November 2011

Communist Organization of Greece - KOE