The Communist Organization of Greece - KOE issued on October 31, 2011 a Press Statement, publicly dissociating KOE from a “statement” of SYRIZA (Radical Left Coalition) – which in reality has been published by the party of Synaspismos, without any consultation with the Executive Secretariat of SYRIZA. Contrary to the first statement of the coalition, which was in full support of the unprecedented and righteous protests of the Greek people on the National Day (*), the second “statement” was condemning the mass protests of the people as far as they obliged the president of the Hellenic Republic to quit the official celebration parade... The Press Statement of KOE reads as follows:


We fully understand the panic of the “official” political parties in front of the new thunderous NO to the new occupation, as it has been shouted the Greek people all over the country on our National Day of 28 October – just a few days after the biggest political general strike since the fall of the dictatorship. These events wrote History, and confirmed once again, this time in the most resounding way, that the puppet government of Papandreou has lost any legitimacy.

On the contrary, we cannot understand at all the “dissociation” from the popular protests that obliged the president of the republic to leave from the official celebration, as stated in a second “Press Statement of SYRIZA” published the next day in the most arbitrary way by the leadership of Synaspismos, without any consultation with the other forces of SYRIZA. The first Press Statement of SYRIZA, issued on 28 October and saluting the popular protests all over Greece, was correct and did not need any further “clarification”.

On our turn, we fully dissociate ourselves from the unacceptable declarations of Mr Papadimoulis, MP of SYRIZA, who very correctly pointed out that the citizen who physically aggressed an MP of PASOK in the city of Trikala was not member of SYRIZA – the problem is that Mr Papadimoulis did not stop there: He felt obliged to add that this citizen “must be punished according the law” (!), and this while the people of Trikala liberated the citizen just minutes after his arrest by the police.

On this occasion, the Communist Organization of Greece salutes our national resistance figures, Manolis Glezos and Mikis Theodorakis. They, contrary to the president of the republic who openly supports the new occupation, honored their past by declaring that the thunderous protests of the Greek people were the best commemoration of our National Day.

Against the maneuvers of the guilty and collapsing political system, the Greek people will again and again smash the blackmailing and the terrorizing dilemmas put forward by the Papandreou-Quisling government. The Greek people shall continue the struggle for survival and freedom, until the overthrow of the new occupation’s regime and the opening of the path towards a political, economic and social way out for our country.

31 October 2011

Press Office of the Communist Organization of Greece – KOE

(*) On 28 October the masses chased away from the celebrations all over Greece all the government officials and MPs, including the president of the Hellenic Republic, thus transforming the antifascist anniversary in a huge and combative manifestation against the regime of the new occupation. For more, see the statement of KOE on 28 October 2011.