[Translator’s Note: See, in the previous communication (27/10/2011), the background of the National Day, and the call of KOE to transform the official celebrations all over Greece into manifestations of the popular rage against the new occupation. On 28 October 2011, just a few says after the General Strike and the unprecedented demonstrations of hundreds of thousands of people, the masses have again sent a clear message against the new occupation and the puppet Papandreou regime. The “events” of 28 October 2011 are of great importance; they made the whole system shake, and the Greek people took a new step forward in its protracted struggle.]

Statement of KOE: On our National Day, the Greek people have shouted a tremendous “NO” to the new occupation

Today the Greek people have spoken. Today the Greek people smiled. Thousands and thousands of citizens in big and small cities all of over Greece have honored in the most appropriate way the anniversary of the anti-fascist struggle, protesting against the new occupation. Under the popular rage, the “government officials”, the political representatives of the troika, were forced to step down of the celebration tribune from almost every city where military and school pupil’s parades where taking place.

The big military parade has been cancelled as the masses occupied the boulevards, and even the President of the Republic has been obliged to escape from the celebration tribune under police protection. The proud Greek youth once again showed their incredible maturity and high level of conscience during their parades: wearing black brassards, turning their face off the “officials”, shouting slogans, showing in every way that they won’t compromise with being slaves in the protectorate that this regime creates.

Yesterday, on the eve of the National Day, the “prime minister” Papandreou (in reality he is the assistant of the troika-appointed Gauleiter Reichenbach) had attempted to create a “national success” feeling and to inverse reality after the resolution adopted by the EU Summit. He attempted to present the enslavement as a salvation and the bankruptcy as a triumph! Today the Greek people gave him a thunderous reply, tearing apart his salacious propaganda. This puppet “government” must realize it: they can no longer govern, they are completely isolated, and they will fall under the popular rage.

While the Greek people was shouting “NO to the new occupation” all over Greece, chasing all the government officials from the National Day celebrations in almost each and every city, the mainstream Mass Media and the “opposition” systemic parties (from the right wing “New Democracy” and the extreme right wing “LA.O.S.” to the… “Democratic Left”) have supported the faltering regime, expressing once more their consensus. They strongly condemned the people’s manifestations, calling (in vain) the youth and the people to keep their mouths shut and to express their opposition in the… elections!

The regime and the systemic forces are talking about “small groups of protesters”, whereas it is obvious that today the great majority of the citizens expressed their anger and honored in the most appropriate way the anti-fascist struggle by chasing away the representatives of the new occupation. The enemies of the people claim that the “tiny minorities” (!) spoiled the National Day – but they seem to forget that, 71 years before, as well as during the Nazi-fascist occupation, the Greek people have not shed their blood so that one day a German Gauleiter can be re-installed in our country as troika’s Supreme Supervisor. They pretend not to understand that the parades honoring the patriotic-antifascist “NO” are not being spoiled by the attending people, but by the presence of the new Quislings, the troika representatives, the supporters of the new occupation.

The President of the Republic, Mister Papoulias, who was obliged to quit the military parade under the popular rage, considers the event as an anti-democratic act. He told us that he, as a 15 year-old boy, had been fighting against the Nazi occupation. We remind him that here in Greece we have a saying: “It is the last years of one’s life which honor his early years”. In fact, what is he doing during the last one and a half year, while Democracy, the Constitution and the Parliament that he swore to serve are being humiliated and violated? Why doesn’t he listen to the people and, instead, he politically supports the new occupation? Why hasn’t he returned to the Parliament not even one of all the anti-Constitutional scrap (Agreement with the troika, Middle-Term Pact, Loan Agreements, Application Laws) that they send him to sign? Why hasn’t he resigned?

If he refused to sign the anti-Constitutional “legislation” imposed by the IMF-EU-ECB troika, or if he resignrd, then he would really honor his early years as a 15 year-old partisan. And he would enjoy the people’s esteem. Now he is justifiably being discredited and he also receives the Greek people’s rage against the whole political system. Today he talked us about the rule of majority and the possibility for the people to express their will every 4 years in elections! But he “forgot” to mention that people’s vote was manipulated with false promises in order to consciously lead the country to the bankruptcy, and the overwhelming majority to extreme pauperization and misery. He “forgot” that the present puppet regime lacks the slightest popular support.

The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) hails the thousands of citizens that flooded the streets, showing the way of the multiform mass struggle against the new occupation. New steps have to be made, new difficulties will arise, and new forms of struggle will emerge. However, one thing is sure: The struggle must and will continue! Until Greece walks the path of Independence, Democracy and Emancipation, liberated from the catastrophic yoke of the new occupation. All the popular social and political forces should unite in a Broad Front in this effort for Greece to find a way out.

The members and friends of KOE all over Greece participated actively in these manifestations of people’s anger, honoring in the most appropriate way the anniversary of the Greek resistance against the occupiers. Together with committees of struggle, local popular assemblies, neighborhood associations, municipal and regional movements, together with thousands and thousands of people, the members and friends of KOE put themselves in the first lines of the popular upsurge. We consider that it is our duty to be together with people, to be by people’s side, to be part of our people – wherever they live, wherever they face problems, wherever they struggle. This is the true meaning of existence of the Left, especially in this critical period.

- Let’s overthrow the puppet government and throw the troika out of Greece!

- Greece will not become a protectorate!

- No consensus without Democracy and Independence!

Athens, 28 October 2011

Communist Organization of Greece - KOE