Click the following link (webpage of a Greek blogger) and see 10 shocking videos from Papandreou's police attacks against the people of Athens on 29 June 2011 – This is “democracy” in Greece:

Ignore the text etc, it is in Greek. However, the videos do not need subtitles... We translate here only the title of each video, in the order they appear on the webpage:

1. Junta on Constitution (Syntagma) Square (2:03) 2. Attack of motorized police in a pedestrian street (2:35) 3. MAT ("anti-riot" police) help plainclothed police "rioters" to hide in the Parliament (1:00) 4. Constitution Square: Murderous police attack with chemical gas (2:07) 5. Police attacking people who found refuge in the Metro Station (0:49) 6. 500 people wounded by the IMF-EU-ECB junta (0:38) 7. The police attacks the cafeterias! (1:42) 8. The police attacks the Metro Station! (3:04) 9. "Such things do not happen even in war" (3:30) 10. Police attacks with chemical gas the Square's Medical Station (2:49)