For 36 days the unprecedented uprising of the Greek people teaches dignity. And dignity is something that the Papandreou “government” is terribly lacking; this “government” wrote today one of the darkest pages in the history of Greece since the overthrow of the dictatorship in 1974.

The Papandreou “government” outdistanced even the collaborationist Quislings of the past, who pretended to be Greeks while they sold the whole country to the foreign occupiers and delivered the people to the firing squads. These traitors of the past have nothing to envy from the current government, which on the one hand claims that they are saving the country from bankruptcy and on the other hand steals everything from the working people and sells out the public wealth.

The government of PASOK in reality is revoked. Even though the “Midterm Plan” was voted thanks to the MPs who have taken a final divorce from shame, the government is under a deadline. They cannot and they do not have the right to govern, they cannot and they do not have the right to apply, even for one day, the second Agreement with the IMF-EU-ECB troika.

The entire political system is revoked in the popular conscience. It is guilty for the unprecedented rape of the democracy, of the national dignity, of the popular sovereignty.

The chemical war and the bestial violence unleashed for second day by the government against the people were solely aiming to get rid of the squares’ movement. But they will not succeed in breaking the fighting spirit of the people.

The unprecedented barbarity of the “anti”riot police, who even threw rocks on the heads of the demonstrators when they run out of chemicals, is a major proof for the developments desired by the government. Certain violent groups, that have never before been so distanced from the people's will, and never before did they move so close to the plans of the system, “helped” the government to this direction.

The Syntagma Square belongs to the people. No one can evacuate the popular indignation. The movement will reconquer the square, will wash off the remnants of the chemicals, will make the square again a place for the demonstrations of hundreds of thousands. And this “government”, the government of violence, threats, bankruptcy and poverty, is the first abscess of the falling apart political system that has to be crushed, without any delay!