The tanks and the junta are here - The people's resistance will not break!

Take your “Agreement” and leave the country!

The plan of the government and the “anti”riot police, which obviously aimed at terrorizing dozens of thousands of demonstrators and at calling-off the Parliament’s encirclement, was revealed today in the clearest possible way.

With the help of groups that have nothing to do with the mass movement and the squares, and which openly express their hostility towards the great peaceful democratic movement, they unleashed their well organized plan. By choking the Syntagma square with tons of chemicals and by unleashing murderous attacks against the demonstrators, without caring about possible victims, they revealed the orders they had received from the secluded and panicked Papandreou’s “government”. This puppet government, after the unprecedented threats of its vice-president Pagkalos about “bringing out the tanks”, turned to unbridled violence in order to remain in power - so that they could execute the contract signed with the IMF-EU-ECB troika. The junta today wanted to negate, to clean by raw violence and repression the Syntagma square.

But the people, the thousands and thousands struggling in the Syntagma square and in all the squares of the country, will intensify their struggle. They will break the terror. They will kick out the government and the “Agreement”.

The junta did not end in 1974!

Disgrace on those who vote the despicable “Midterm plan”!

Disgrace on those who planned and executed the pogrom against the people in the Syntagma square!

The struggle goes on! For real democracy, independence, dignity, justice and emancipation.