Hundreds of thousands of people (from 300.000 to 500.000 according to various estimations) took part in Athens this Sunday 5 June, for more than 6 hours, in one of the most impressive popular protests of the last 20 years. A human sea covered the whole center of the Greek capital; in Constitution square, in front of the Parliament, the crowd was so dense that for several hours it was practically impossible to walk. The police vainly tried to block the access of the people to the center of the city in several points… The political establishment and its supporters in the mainstream Media have panicked by the massive participation and the resolute stand of the people, who were united by the slogan: “We will not quit until this government goes and until the IMF-EU-ECB troika is thrown away”! Dozens of thousands occupied the central squares of 35 more cities all over Greece. This time the Media did not attempt to ridiculously underestimate the popular participation, as they did 10 days ago (the most blatant case was the pro-government private TV channel “Mega”, which was obliged last week to block the access to its own website as, within a few hours, more than 50.000 visitors posted their not so kind comments about the way this TV channel covers the protest). The same evening, the Popular Assembly of the Constitution square adopted a resolution calling for the blockade of the Parliament starting on 14 June, the day that the government plans to present to the MPs the new Agreement with the troika, including the selling-out (in the form of “guarantee” for the external debt) of all the public property. In the same resolution, the Popular Assembly calls for a general strike, while it invites the people of Athens to continue the daily presence in Constitution square and marks next Sunday 12 June as another day of national protest.


We are today completing two weeks of continuous, daily protest, despite the establishment’s propaganda and calumniation. Each day, step by step, the popular demand strengthens: Real democracy, smash the political system, overthrow the government, the troika and the Agreement! Each day, the fear is more and more changing sides, going to the opposite camp. The people are smiling, and the corrupt and sold-out political system feels the popular rage: Last week, several MPs of the government party were obliged to escape from the Parliament building through the National Garden, in the darkness. Other MPs and EU officials, which were spotted by the people having dinner by the sea in the island of Corfu, were obliged to escape the location using small boats. On several occasions, ministers, government MPs, as well as the government spokesman, have been besieged by the angry masses. Nowadays, the whole establishment’s representatives avoid to appear in public. The Greek people are more and more united in their resolution to impose real democracy, and to punish all those who trampled the popular sovereignty and the national independence.