Today, Wednesday June 1, the squares of Greece remain occupied, and the popular protest gains momentum. The hopes of the Papandreou puppet government and of its real masters, the IMF-EU-ECB troika, that this unprecedented movement will gradually fade out are gone for good. Dozens of thousands of people are mobilized each and every day, preparing a huge rally outside the Parliament on Sunday June 5. THE FEAR CHANGES CAMP : With the youth in the forefront, the people united struggle in the most resolute way against the whole political system, which brought Greece in the threshold of bankruptcy in order to serve the interests of the bankers and of the imperialists. Real democracy and respect of people’s sovereignty, those are the aspirations of the masses that have invaded the scene in all their strength, reducing to ashes the calculations of the enemy camp. “We shall not leave the squares until you leave!”, this is the resolution adopted by the Popular Assemblies that function each night in all the main squares of Greece, and this is the slogan that resonates everywhere.


Yesterday, once more, dozens of thousands of people gathered for hours in Athens’ Syntagma (Constitution) square in front of the Parliament, and in many other cities, shouting: “We shall not leave [the squares] until you leave!”, “Take your Agreement [with the troika] with you and leave the country”, “Fuck IMF, Fuck EU”, “You sell out the public companies and the national wealth, sell your mothers as well, and get the hell out of Greece”, “Bread-Education-Freedom! The Junta regime did not end in 1973!”, (the slogan “Bread-Education-Freedom!” was one of the main slogans of the antifascist popular uprising of 1973 against the military Junta). In another big meeting organized nearby, after which the thousands of participants joined the protest in Syntagma square, the internationally famous compositor Mikis Theodorakis called the people to overthrow the foreign domination and the corrupt political system, recalling that when he was young, in 1944, he fought in the same place against the grand-father of the actual prime minister, who was acting as puppet of the British imperialism and drowned in blood the National Resistance Movement after the liberation by the Nazi occupation.

The Communist Organization of Greece since the first day participates wholeheartedly in the popular mobilization, ignoring the petty-politics of many other left forces, which for many days were discovering the most imaginative excuses in order to "explain" their arrogant absence and the fact that the people, and especially the youth, consider this Left as part of the political establishment. Moreover, the Communist Organization of Greece has demanded the MPs of the Coalition of Radical Left, as a minimum expression of their solidarity with the popular outburst and of their respect towards the radical demands of the masses, to step out of this “Parliament”, which has anyway been officially stripped off any power since one year and does not anymore enjoy any recognition by the people.

There is no consensus with all those who sell-out Greece!

Down with the puppet government and the IMF-EU-ECB troika!

Respect the peoples will! Real democracy, now!

Athens, June 1, 2011 

Communist Organization of Greece - KOE