Appeal of the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)

Lets rise up and make them go! Everyone out! Flood the squares! 

The moment is critical for the course of the country. The popular sea that covered yesterday evening the Constitution square in Athens, as well as the similarly unprecedented meetings in dozens of cities all over Greece, mark the entry into a new phase. The movement that was born on 25 May, out of parties and trade unions, is a most important development. The people invades impulsively the scene and makes the first steps towards a big social, democratic and national uprising.

Such an uprising is a necessary precondition in order that our people succeeds to impose a real change; in order that a popular transition takes place, which will bring the hope and the smile in our society; in order that those policies and those politicians who governed during decades and brought the destruction will never return.

The government, the IMF-EU-ECB troika, the pro-Agreement parties, the corrupt and bankrupt political system, the pro-establishment Media persons, must now listen to the voice of the popular indignation: Enough is enough! It’s time that they go!


During a whole year, the establishment’s politicians, the bankers and the foreign creditors are intriguing, mocking and terrorizing, pushing the working people to the cliff of poverty and unemployment, condemning the youth in fear and depression. Do they still think that they can continue undisturbed their destructive policies?

One year ago, the Parliament voted in favor of the Agreement with the IMF-EU-ECB troika, violating the Constitution. Today the sacrifices demanded by the people are unbearable, and they keep asking for more. They bring the masses in the limits of survival, and they prepare the bankruptcy.

Since one year the government, the troika, their political system and their Media have imposed the transformation of Greece into a “third-world country”. The Agreement transformed Greece into a rubbish dump, filled with unemployment, poverty and social deadlock. Within a few months, we lived a huge regression.

The government of Papandreou/PASOK sacrifices the soil and the blood of Greece. This government is politically, morally, nationally and legally liable and guilty. The destruction that keeps taking place is unprecedented. In the past, plundering and social barbarity of similar level took place only during wars and during the Nazi Occupation. The “prime minister” Papandreou is consciously perpetrating crimes; he must not remain in power anymore!

The movement of 25 May broke out and demands real democracy. This is a rightful and timely demand, because in our country, as all over Europe, it is the “markets” and the banks that are in power, and not the peoples. At the same time, the troika tramples the dignity and the Constitution of our country, trying to impose in the most arrogant way a forced consensus of the political parties.

The Greek people produced in the squares a stirring statement to the “government”, the troika and their lackeys: Not only we do not consent with you, but we do not recognize you, we do not consider you legitimate, we ask you to leave.

Yesterday’s declaration of the popular assembly of the Constitution square, that “We shall not leave until you leave”, has transformed the squares of the whole country into bastions of democracy, hope, participation and solidarity. This struggle must not end until it sends to the history’s dustbin the political system of bankruptcy and corruption!

These critical moments, the Communist Organization of Greece addresses an appeal to the whole membership and to the friends of KOE: Comrades! Offer your best in this unique popular outbreak! Work hard in order to make it even more massive and resolute! Play your role so that new hundreds of thousands and even millions of people flood the squares and the streets of the country! Fight in order to drive out the responsibles and to achieve a better future!

The Communist Organization of Greece also addresses an appeal to the whole Left: The best service that the whole Left may offer today is to get, at last, out of the frame of this political system, and to not be afraid to contribute to its overthrow! Moreover, the Left must respect the independent popular movement, and to not try anxiously to impose this or the other particular analysis on the people. Until today, the independent, resolute and democratic nature of this great movement secures its mass character, and makes it a genuine expression of the popular will.

We live important moments! Feeling the strength of the dozens and hundreds of thousands of people who occupy each and every day the squares of the country, let’s give all our forces for a big change!

Throw away the government, the troika and the Agreement!

Overthrow the political system of bankruptcy and corruption!

Real Democracy, NOW!

Athens, 30 May 2011

Communist Organization of Greece