On Wednesday 25 May 2011 dozens of thousands of people responded to the call of citizens initiatives, and gathered in the central squares of Athens and dozens of other Greek cities. This protest continues, even under heavy rain, on Thursday 26 May 2011. Follows a Press statement of KOE, issued in the evening of the first day of the protests (opposite of KOE and the “Front of Solidarity and Overthrow”, most left forces preferred not to participate in the protests during the first day…)


The Communist Organization of Greece salutes the spontaneous, genuine, independent and democratic mobilization of dozens of thousands of citizens, mostly young, who rose up today and gave an overwhelming response to the puppet government. With public meetings in more than 35 cities all over Greek, the people are expressing their profound anger and their resolute opposition to the Agreement with the IMF and the EU, demonstrating against the IMF-EU-ECB troika, the whole political system that supports the troika, and the efforts to construct an anti-popular “national consensus”.

Today’s popular rivers formed by the Greek “indignados” prove that there is no consensus with the social holocaust pursued by the troika and the pro-Agreement political parties (from the extreme-right party LAOS to the governmental “socialist” party PASOK). Much more, today’s spontaneous protests show that the people do not consider anymore legal this regime, and demand that the whole political system of the bankruptcy goes away. The people detest this political system, which abolished altogether democracy, people’s sovereignty, national independence and social dignity.


The government, the troika (IMF-EU-ECB), the political parties that support the Agreement, the political parties that governed Greece and contributed to the unprecedented destruction that the country and the working people are facing today, the politicians and the party personnel who served the corruption and provoked the bankruptcy, must now understand the message:


It’s time to leave!

This new round of struggles must continue, must escalate and deepen its targets, until we reach a genuine popular changeover: By overthrowing the Agreement, the troika and the guilty political system. By demanding the most wide and genuine democracy. By imposing the production’s regeneration and immediate measures for the relief of the working people.

A year ago, the Argentinean film director Fernando Solanas was saying:

Yes, governments can be overthrown! Back in 2001, in Argentina, the government of De La Rua ignored and defied the popular protest – as the Greek government does today. Mister De La Rua ended up escaping with a helicopter. How can you ignore and defy a revolted people, who has occupied all the squares of the country?

Down with the Junta formed by the troika, the puppet government and their political allies!

No consensus with the social holocaust!

Genuine democracy!

Struggle for the political, economic and social salvation of the country!

Athens, 25 May 2011

Press Office of KOE