Press Statement of KOE

Yesterday 11 May 2011, day of General Strike, the Papandreou government painted their hands in the blood of dozens of demonstrators in Athens. For the first time during a General Strike, such a murderous plan unfolded in the most cynical way by the police forces. Among others, a 31 year old demonstrator has been severely wounded on the head. He is actually hospitalized, in most critical condition, in the Intense Care Unit of the Nikea General Hospital.


The murderous attacks of the police forces, aiming directly at the heads of the demonstrators, are proof of the clear orders they received by the Papandreou government and by Christos Papoutsis, “Citizens’ Protection” (!) Minister. We are facing an unprecedented escalation of the state violence. It is evident that the Papandreou government has chosen the path of the brute force against the people in struggle. Moreover, now the government escalates the violence, spilling blood. The critical question is, which point is this illegal and anti-constitutional regime disposed to reach?


Athens, 12 May 2011

Press Office of KOE


Additionally, the spokesperson of the Communist Organization of Greece made today the following declaration to the Greek mainstream TV and other Media:

 “The Communist Organization of Greece:

1. Hopes that, first of all the most severely wounded 31 year old demonstrator, and also the dozens of militants who are actually hospitalized after the murderous police attack against the General Strike march, will recover fast.

2. Participates in the protest marches that will take place today and tomorrow in Athens and many other cities of Greece.

3. Calls, and will work for that, for the resolute condemnation of the IMF-EU puppet and bloody government by the Greek People as a whole.

4. Expresses confidence in the Greek People who, no matter how protracted the struggle must be, will finally get rid of this puppet regime and of all the illegal and anti-people agreements this puppet government has signed.

5. Moreover, expresses confidence that the Greek People will not only chase this regime out of power, but will also bring into justice those who sank our country into bankruptcy, and those who gave the orders for the murderous attack against the General Strike demonstration: above all, the Prime Minister Papandreou, and the Minister Papoutsis.”