Against IMF-EU

Statement of KOE

The treacherous stance of the Samaras-Venizelos-Kouvelis “local troika” (*) against the proud Cypriot ΝΟ shall remain as another indelible stain in the infamous history of the Greek ruling class. The Greek government ought to have widened the rift that the Cypriot NO has opened against the policy of the Memoranda, thus grabbing the opportunity to challenge the “Greek program” of the IMF-EU-ECB troika. This option, the only one in solidarity with Cyprus and the only one that would save Greece, could change the turn of events in the European South. But it was not adopted. It was not adopted because we have a “government” that in reality is nothing more than an obedient minion of Merkel. So this date, 25th March 2013, the anniversary of the 1821 Independence Revolution, will remain in history as a day of punishment for the Cypriot people and of shame for the Greek “government”.

The cynical and extortionate decision of the Eurocrats, together with their accomplices, the governments of Samaras and Anastassiadis, opens the door to a new “Attila”, albeit more embellished and more Europeanized than the 1974 foreign invasion and occupation of the martyred island. It’s a new “Attila” armed with the state-of-the-art “guns” of debt and of “liquidity interruption”, with the clear objective to destroy the Cypriot economy and transform the Republic of Cyprus into a euro-protectorate.

Apart from the colonization of the European South, special importance should be given to another dimension: Cyprus has become the guinea pig of a new Merkel tool. As the leader of Eurogroup J. Daiselbloom confessed, the Cypriot “model” is ready to be “exported”. A generalized haircut of deposits, following the example of Cyprus, will soon be a choice for other countries “bailout programs”. All European bank deposits are at stake. For Greece this is extremely important, as recapitalization of the banks is at the forefront. Shall the people be called to pay the expenses once again?

Press Statement of KOE

[Translator’s Note: Yesterday the Cypriot parliament, surrounded by a huge demonstration, rejected, with 36 NO and 19 abstentions, the decision of the Eurogroup - which had been adopted last Friday following Germany’s demands. This unprecedented decision, to “bailout” the banks through a direct “haircut” of the citizens’ bank deposits, had initially been accepted by both the right-wing Cypriot government and the docile Greek tripartite government.]


The Communist Organization of Greece salutes the Cypriot NO and congratulates the Cypriot people, who are facing the catastrophic policy and the cynical threats of the Eurogroup’s and IMF’s loan sharks, for their Dignity. The new Cypriot NO, following the massive rejection of the imperialist “Annan Plan” back in 2004, is a proud response against the plans aiming at Cyprus’ economic devastation and pushing forward the transformation of the Republic of Cyprus into a protectorate.

The martyred Cypriot people, who have shed their blood in order to gain their Independence and are very well aware of what invasion and foreign occupation means, once again stand up and send a message of Resistance, Dignity and Hope to all the European peoples. It is in Cyprus that, for the first time, the blackmailing dilemma “Memorandum or Bankruptcy” is rejected. It is in Cyprus that, for the first time, the supposedly “almighty” Merkelist policy and the supposedly “omnipotent markets” receive a heavy blow.

Press Statement of KOE

1. The Communist Organization of Greece denounces the cynical blackmail of the Germany-dominated EU against the Republic of Cyprus and the Cypriot people. The Merkelists are testing in Cyprus an upgrade of the “tools” they have used so far, with a double aim: a) to fully dismantle the economic status of Cyprus, b) to achieve total political control on this exceptionally important, geopolitically and economically, island.

2. The Communist Organization of Greece denounces the Un-Holly Alliance of European usurers, also known as "Eurogroup", which attempts to strangle the independence of Cyprus using the Memorandum’s noose. Moreover, KOE condemns the slavish and complicit tripartite Greek government of Samaras, who had the impudence to declare that “stands by our Cypriot brothers” while obediently voted in favor of the disastrous decisions of the Eurogroup. As for the newly elect Cypriot president, mister Anastassiadis, there are no words to describe his criminal policy – especially as, just a month ago, he was reassuring the people that he will never accept any haircut on the citizens’ bank deposits, only to follow very fast his friend Samaras, who was the first to make a complete U-turn and submit to Merkel’s dictates.

Note: This is a “non paper” for the information of our international friends. Despite been all but exhaustive, it aspires to offer an updated view on the actual social conditions in Greece.

The humanitarian crisis in Greece is worsening day by day as a result of the policies decided by the IMF-EU-ECB Troika and implemented by the puppet tripartite government (composed by the right-wing Nea Dimokratia, the “social democratic” PASOK and the so called “Democratic Left”). The official data that have been published last week by the Hellenic Statistical Authority under the auspices of EUROSTAT, despite been “embellished”, are quite revealing:


The unemployment, which was 9,5% in 2009, before the transformation of Greece into a guinea pig by the Troika and its local lackeys, has jumped to 12,5% in 2010, then to 17,7% in 2011, and now (official data for October 2012) amounts to 26,8%. What makes things even worse is that actually, out of the 1.300.000 unemployed, less than 200.000 receive any form of “unemployment benefit” (the term is rather an euphemism: the “benefit” for the few lucky ones ranges from € 180 to € 468 per month, and is paid for a period of 5 to 12 months, depending on the wage, the length of employment, and the number of dependent members of the family).


The percentage of the population living in conditions of poverty, from 12,1% in 2009 passed to 16,3% in 2010, and in 2011 jumped to 22,9%. Considering that in 2011 a series of social services and benefits (which now have been eliminated) still existed, the report of the Statistical Authority expresses “serious concern” for further explosive increase of the poverty in 2012 and 2013.

[Unofficial report about the general strike and the popular demonstrations of this week; the official statement of KOE will be translated and published soon here]

The 48 hours general strike on 6 and 7 November 2012 was concluded with mass demonstrations all over Greece. Hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets and squares of big and smaller cities, chanting slogans against the IMF-EU-ECB troika and the “Memorandum 3”, and demanding the resignation of the tripartite illegitimate government.

In Athens alone, over 100.000 people gathered from 5:00 PM of 7 November in Syntagma Square, surrounding the Parliament for more than five hours, despite the heavy rain and the repetitive attempts of the “anti-riot” police to disperse them using scores of tear gas, stun grenades and water cannons (it is the first time after the fall of the dictatorship, back in 1974, that water cannons are used against a central demonstration in Greece).

During the demonstration, the 71 MPs of SYRIZA temporarily left the Parliament, provoking mass enthusiasm when they appeared outside the building behind a huge banner with the slogan “You are destroying the country! Leave now!” Then they marched as a bloc towards the people, chanting slogans; they crossed the police lines and joined the demonstrators on the Square in a pandemonium of applauses, slogans and acclamations.

Later in the evening, the “anti-riot” police did everything possible to “clean up” the Square before the time of the final vote. In total there were more than 100 arrests and at least 5 injured demonstrators. Inside the Parliament, after a completely anti-constitutional “fast-track process” that lasted for less than 24 hours, the pro-government MPs ratified Memorandum 3 as prescribed in 800 pages (!) without even having the “luxury” to read what exactly they were voting for (among other measures: additional cuts of 13,5 billion Euro in pensions, salaries and social services, plus a complete sell-out of the country’s infrastructure and natural ressources).

It is worth mentioning that the illegitimate government ignored the decisions of the Authorities responsible to declare whether a Law (in this case the Law that ratifies Memorandum 3) conforms or not to the Constitution. Indeed, this week ALL these Authorities (the Supreme Court of Audit, the Supreme Court of Civil and Penal Law and the Scientific Service of the Parliament) have declared a big part of Memorandum 3 as anti-constitutional! Moreover, in order to limit the danger even of partial dissent among the pro-government MPs, the ratification concerned the whole Memorandum 3 “en bloc”, with a Law composed by a unique article.

However, despite these tricks, the pro-government parliamentary bloc further shrinked: an additional score of 6 MPs of PASOK and 1 MP of the right wing “Nea Dimokratia” did not vote in favor of the ratification of Memorandum 3. From the MPs of the third government party (“Democratic Left”), who were under heavy pressure and felt the popular anger targeting them, 15 voted “Present”, and 2 of them voted “NO”. Thus, the initial pro-government majority (179 MPs out of a total of 300, thanks to the “bonus” of 40 seats offered to “Nea Dimokratia” by the antidemocratic electoral law) was reduced to only 153 “YES” during this crucial vote. This is another expression of the deep crisis that shreds apart the pro-troika bloc, and confirms the estimation that this government is trembling.

The leader of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, declared in the Parliament: “We are witnessing the agony of a parliamentarian majority that falls apart. Very soon they will be a minority in the Parliament, as they already are a small minority among the people.” And, addressing the Prime Minister Samaras, he added: “What we heard from you today was the eulogy speech in front of the approaching funeral of a government which, for 4 months now, is doing exactly the opposite from what you promised to the people before the elections, and from what you announced on your programmatic statements when you became Prime Minister.” He concluded his speech saying: “Today, ladies and gentlemen, we live a parody of democracy in this House. But, outside the Parliament, we have thousands of people who, despite the tons of chemicals thrown against them, are once again here in order to defend democracy. We welcome this stand of our People. We are proud of our People’s courage. We know that the fighting spirit of our People has panicked you. But this fighting spirit is at the same time shaking us, and obliges us to remain adamant to the end. Until the Greek People impose their will and save the country!

INFO from GREECE (read below the statement of KOE)

Today, Tuesday 6 November, starts a new 48 hours general strike and a new round of popular mobilizations against the pro-troika government of Mr. Samaras, PM and leader of the right wing “Nea Dimokratia” party. Two days ago, Alexis Tsipras, addressing the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA, called the people in a united non-violent revolt in order to overthrow the illegitimate government that sells-out the whole country, serving the interests of the IMF-EU-ECB troika and of the bankers. The three parties that support the actual government (Nea Dimokratia, PASOK and “Democratic Left”) have duped a part of the Greek people in the last elections advancing a program of “renegotiation” with the troika, which they never attempted. Instead, they have accepted without any “renegotiation” even new and more catastrophic measures imposed by the troika in the form of “Memorandum 3”.

The political crisis is deepening, penetrating even the three pro-troika parties, with some of their MPs already abandoning them and declaring that they will not support Memorandum 3. The international dimension of this crisis is revealed also by the contradictions now publicly expressed between the imperialist forces, with the USA and Germany quarreling about the “appropriate solution” for Greece. At the same time, the social catastrophe takes unprecedented dimensions, with the unemployment rate over 25% according to the official statistics (over 55% for the youth) and a quarter of the population trying to survive below the poverty line.

Press release of KOE about today’s general strike

Today hundreds of thousands of people participated massively and vigorously in the general strike and the mobilizations all over Greece, sending a clear message to the internal and external “troikas” that are attempting a final and fatal blow against our society and country.

The massive participation in the demonstrations in many cities shows that a new round of struggles is now opening. We are participating in a new round of action of the broad popular masses, which continue to seek political solutions and a way out of the crisis.

Despite the weaknesses and the hesitation after the last elections, despite the blackmail and the manipulations of the tripartite government, the people once more manifested its presence, reaffirming its role and its will.

As we are facing the ongoing catastrophe of our society and country, a coordinated political struggle to stop the new measures and oblige this government of subordination and sell-out to leave is necessary. These remain the goals and preconditions to completely overthrow this political system.

Today’s mobilizations, as well as the huge demonstrations in Madrid and Lisbon, prove that the peoples have the possibility to mark the events, that they can pave the way towards real change.

Stop the measures that bring misery to the people and destruction to the country!

Let’s overthrow the internal and external “troikas”!

Comment by the International Relations Department of KOE

August 6, 2012

In certain circles of the Left, on European and international level, are often and easily reproduced some erroneous opinions about the situation in our country, and more specifically about the impressive success of the Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA) in the last two national elections. Those opinions originate, mostly, in statements and documents produced by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE). We are of the opinion that these positions of KKE are suffering by extreme subjectivism, while they lack any essential self-criticism about the political line of KKE – which, by the way, was the main reason of its crushing electoral defeat on 17 June 2012, when it lost half of its electoral base. Thus, we would like to bring to the attention of certain circles that reproduce these positions (and feel free to even add on top their own insults and imaginative lies against SYRIZA) some basic truths about the Greek political reality…

Statement of KOE's Leading Committee

Down with the illegal Quisling “government” and the whole corrupted political system

They must all go! Forward, towards a radical political change led by the people!

Democracy, Independence, Productive Reconstruction, Emancipation

1. The Communist Organization of Greece salutes the hundreds of thousands of people who protested on Sunday 12/2 in Athens and throughout Greece, making absolutely clear their opposition to the new fetters that the IMF-EU-ECB troika regime wants to impose on the people and the country. We salute the combative spirit that is constantly increasing among the Greek people against the occupation, the tyranny and the dictatorial regime, and particularly against its policy of social extermination. We salute the hundreds of thousands of people who gathered in the centre of Athens and weren’t deterred by the continuous ruthless chemical attacks of the repressive forces; on the contrary, the masses moved resolutely towards Syntagma Square and remained there for more than five hours, repulsing the police with courage and perseverance. The fire is burning in the souls of our people, and that is probably the biggest problem for the occupation regime.

2. The Communist Organization of Greece denounces the orchestrated campaign of terror and intimidation, which started as soon as the Papadimos’ government met with the first troubles, revealing that the supposed «airtight unity for the salvation of the country» was trembling, since the pro-troika political forces have undertaken the implementation of a disaster program for Greece. Fear haunts this black front, and that’s why the extreme right-wing, the right-wing and “socialist” parties all together participate in this campaign of people’s intimidation: they pronounce edicts and ultimatums, they attempt to corral their MPs, they blackmail the people with fake dilemmas, that if we refuse the Bailout Agreement we shall become a second Argentina. The ones who are signing the new bonds imposed by the troika and leading to social extermination are being ridiculous in their attempts to intimidate the masses: They claim that they do it for us to have milk, schools, medicine, health treatment… while at the same moment they already deprive us of these basic goods and services, and they plan nothing else than to lead the country in full bankruptcy.

The police of the puppet Press Statement of ΚΟΕ

Down with the coup of the Bailout Agreement, down with the illegal Papadimos’ government

Overthrow the whole rotten political system

Democracy, Independence, Productive Reconstruction, Emancipation

The Communist Organization of Greece salutes the hundreds of thousands of people who swamped Athens yesterday and protested throughout Greece, resolutely opposing the new bonds that the IMF-EU-ECB troika imposes. The Greek people proved their advanced readiness for combat, and showed increased endurance and courage facing the ruthless attacks of the “special police” forces. Despite the state terrorism and the blackmails of the establishment, the fighting spirit of the people against the new occupation and the tyranny is raging.

The new Bailout Agreement is imposed entirely as in a coup, by an illegal government, and “approved” by a parliament that has lost any legitimacy. The Papadimos’ puppet government, the three bourgeois pro-Agreement parties and the politicians who voted for and supported the new disastrous Bailout Agreement are continuously violating their own Constitution and the country’s sovereignty. Their whole political system is hence entirely illegitimate. They have definitively taken a divorce from the people, and must leave immediately.