Following the campaign for the European elections (see separate info below) the Communist Organization of Greece now shifts all its forces towards the preparations for the successful holding of the Resistance Festival 2009.

We thank all those who have already responded positively and prepare their delegations to participate in this important event. There are delegations coming from all over the world: from Latin America (Argentina, Venezuela, Haiti), Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Basque Country, Catalunya), the Balkans and the Middle East (Palestine, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania), the former Eastern bloc (Georgia, Ukraine), Asia (Philippines), etc.

The debates will focus around the youth movements in Europe, the popular struggles in Latin America and the Middle East, the perspectives of the Left in Europe, the capitalist crisis and the socialist alternative, etc.

For the full program, including the public meetings, the music concerts etc., see the Festival’s website: (see also materials and reports from last year's festival in the website:  

We call all those who have not yet announced their participation to get into contact with us – this year we need your active participation and support more than ever!

* Your delegation needs a visa of entry and has not yet applied? There is not much time left!

* Your delegation has confirmed its participation? We need to know the exact place, date and time of arrival, plus flight number or any other helpful information. Please inform us if you will stay in the camp (free of charge) or in hotel room (on your charge).

* We remind you that you must bring materials (flags, posters, publications, dvd, etc.) in order to organize the stand of each delegation.

The motto of the Resistance Festival this year is: “It is US, or THEM!”

Contact us through email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), phone (+30-210-6441745) or fax (+30-210-6430024).