Our Organization participated in the European elections in alliance with other left forces, as part of the Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA). The left alliance SYRIZA has been under constant and huge pressure by all the other parties, the mainstream Media and in general the bourgeois forces, because of its radical stand against the neoliberal rightwing government and its refusal to cooperate with the socialdemocratic “opposition”. The support of SYRIZA to the December Revolt only increased the coordinated attacks and the calumniations against its radical position (including unprincipled attacks from supposedly “left” forces and personalities). The results of the European elections in Greece are the following:

Abstention: 48%

[This is the biggest abstention rate ever recorded in Greece. Many bourgeois Media campaigned strongly in favor of the abstention in order to limit the damages expected for the bourgeois parties. They presented the abstention as “protest against the politicians, who are all corrupt”, and the Left did not manage to counter successfully this smart bourgeois tactics. Especially the youth, where SYRIZA has its strongest influence, abstained in its large majority. One more successful aspect of the bourgeois “proposals” to the electorate, especially those “insisting to vote”, was the huge promotion of the Greens by the mainstream Media and several “famous personalities”. Note: the total number of seats in the European Parliament for Greece have been reduced to 22, from 24 in 2004].

1. Socialdemocratic “PASOK” (main “opposition” party): 36.64% and 8 seats [in 2004: 34.03% and 8 seats]

2. Right wing “Nea Dimokratia” (in government): 32.29% and 8 seats [in 2004: 43.02% and 11 seats]

3. Communist party “KKE”: 8.35% and 2 seats [in 2004: 9.48% and 3 seats]

4. Extreme right wing “LAOS”: 7.14% and 2 seats [in 2004: 4.12% and 1 seat]

5. Radical Left “SYRIZA”: 4.70% and 1 seat [in 2004: 4.16 and 1 seat]

6. Ecologists Greens: 3.49% and 1 seat [in 2004: 0.67% and 0 seats]

7. Others (21 lists covering the whole political spectrum): 7.39% and 0 seats [in 2004: 5.19% and 0 seats]

These results (without forgetting the decisive factor of the huge abstention, which makes the conclusions less “definite” than in other elections) reveal the following:

1. The right wing government party suffered an important blow. The socialdemocratic “opposition” was unable to inspire those opposed to the government and to pose as a convincing alternative. The two main bourgeois parties gathered together less than 70% (their lowest rate since many years).

2. The divided Left was also unable to express the general discontent against the main bourgeois parties. The communist party KKE lost more than 1% and 1 seat, and the radical left SYRIZA did not increase its forces according to the expectations and did not gain a 2nd seat. Consequently, our comrade, Eleni Sotiriou, has not been elected, lacking only 16.042 votes (0.3% of the voters).

3. The extreme right-wing (which now poses as a “moderate” party) won 1 more seat and increased considerably its forces, exploiting the “illegal immigration” and other similar issues and enjoying the high promotion of several mainstream Media.

4. The Greens also enjoyed a huge support by several Media and personalities, and won 1 seat. However, the “public opinion polls” (which also helped them considerably, forecasting that they will obtain more than 6-7% and that they will become the 3rd or 4th political force) have not been confirmed.

The members and friends of the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) participated most actively in the electoral campaign all over Greece. In many cities and neighborhoods they have been the driving force of the local SYRIZA electoral committees. The Communist Organization of Greece and its main candidate have been targeted and continuously calumniated by many “progressive” Media, accused as “anti-European”, “extremist” etc. This campaign against KOE goes on until today on daily basis, as the establishment increases the pressure against SYRIZA in order to bring the radical left alliance in “softer” positions.

[*] A detailed analysis of the European elections results and of the post-election developments will be soon translated by our International Relations Department and shall be posted here.