Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)About the new attack of the leadership of KKE against KOE

The leadership of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) published today in its paper “Rizospastis” a communication worthy only to spit at, slandering the  as using “state security services’ methods”. The leadership of KKE, after having denounced the December Revolt as “a conspiracy well-organized by internal and foreign dark centers” (!), has now clearly lost its sangfroid. It escalates its attack and targets the Communist Organization of Greece, proving once more that it cannot withstand a political and ideological debate. This is the reason why the leadership of KKE labels as “provocation” and “state security services’ methods” the documents of political debate.

The criticism towards KKE cannot be labeled as “anticommunism”. The prostitution of the communist movement, the war against the line of left unity action waged by the leadership of KKE, while at the same time it aligns itself with the bourgeois government: THIS is anticommunism!

We call upon the leadership of KKE to give up these condemned methods of provocation and slandering. It would be much better if the leaders of KKE would demonstrate such “hard-line” and intimidation tactics against the government, the monopolies and imperialism. We assure them: their shameless attacks against us will not stop the political and ideological debate. What our people needs is a genuine Communist Left, in the first line of the struggles to overthrow the reactionary policies.

Communist Organization of Greece

PS: We attach here (1) the full text of KKE’s communication, (2) the document of KOE that disturbed so much the leaders of KKE. Of course the leaders of KKE did not dare to publish the document of KOE, nor even dared to refer to excerpts of it. As anyone may see, KOE's document does nothing more than faithfully reproducing the positions of KKE. And this is what causes the total loss of self-control of the leaders of KKE... (It is not worth spending even one line to counter KKE's pitty claims that KOE wants to... humanize the EU and imperialism! Big words are KKE’s specialization – and they do not create the slightest problem to the government, to the EU and to imperialism.) 

(1) Communication of KKE (12/2/2009)

The Athens’ Organization of KKE and KNE condemn the provocative activity and the methods used by the organization “K”OE (“Communist” Organization of Greece) aiming at slandering KKE and its policy. This organization tries, through posters and statements, to disorientate and to denigrate the policy of KKE.

“K”OE, a component of SYRIZA, that is to say, an allie of SYN, uses state security services’ methods and “arguments” reproducing the anticommunist sewer and reminding older times. Ahead of the 18th Congress of KKE, “K”OE takes the relay from various hack writers and gets even bolder than they are.

Using the tactics of “Lie, lie, until the lie becomes truth”, “K”OE reproduces all the bankrupt opportunists’ theories and ends up to the gross anticommunist attack about an alliance of KKE – ND [government] – LAOS [extreme right], which is a blatant lie also promoted by SYN/SYRIZA. “K”OE misquotes the documents of KKE and slanders the history and the cadres of the Party. Such were the methods used also by Maniadakis [head of the “state security services” in the 30s].

The most disturbing fact for “K”OE is that KKE is in the vanguard of the labour-popular movement’s struggle against the crisis, the student’s murder, the lay-offs. While KKE, its members and cadres, fight steadily and uncompromisingly against the bourgeoisie and its parties since its founding 90 years ago, the “leaders” of “K”OE are kneeling and beg, together with SYRIZA, to humanize the capitalist system.

We call upon the people and the youth to organize, with the line of rupture and overthrow, the counter-attack of the labour-popular movement against the monopolies and imperialism. The provocations of “K”OE benefit only the class enemies of the working class. The “leaders” of “K”OE vainly hope together with SYN that they will humanize the EU and imperialism.

(2) The document of KOE that provoked KKE's loss of self-control (21/1/2009)

The Communists’ attitude in front of the Revolts

The genuine popular revolt will not smash even a single glass”. Statement of KKE’s general secretary A. Papariga in the Parliament, 21/12/2008

We surely do not expect by KKE’s general secretary to point out to us even one revolt that did not smash “a single glass”. Instead, we quote two refutation of this claim:

Refutation 1:

French Riots (from 28/10/2005 to 8/11/2005): 5.873 cars torched, 1.500 people arrested, 17 people sentenced, 120 police and firefighters injured” BBC, 8/11/2005

What was “Rizospastis”, the paper of KKE, writing at that time about the revolt of the youth in the French ghettoes?

The French government and all those talking about gangs, basing their propaganda exclusively in the forms of the struggle and under evaluating or concealing its reasons and content, as well as the desperation felt by the revolted youth, are provoking. KKE expresses its wholehearted support to the contemporary “miserables” of Paris and of the whole France. KKE calls upon the people to massively demonstrate their solidarity with the revolted proletarians of the ghettoes” Rizospastis, 9/11/2005

Conclusion: Either Ms Papariga changed her mind in the meantime, or KKE applies an “inexpensive” revolutionary verbalism in the case of France, while it excels as a loyalist institutional force in Greece.

Refutation 2:

Despite the ban and the terrorist measures of the dictator, the proletariat of Athens met and demonstrated in a combative way yesterday. Under the guidance of the Communist Party and of the classist unions, the workers demonstrated outside the House of Venizelos, and threw stones against it.” Rizospastis, 2/5/1931 – reporting on the May Day demonstration of 1931.

Conclusion: The Communist Party of Greece was not always what it is today. There was a time that KKE was a genuine revolutionary Party!

The role of the Communists

The Communists cannot be mere observers outside the mass revolts. This is valid even in the case of revolts which are unfinished, turbid, vague, desperate.

The Communists cannot merely “assist” the revolts. Their role is to prepare them, to work with patience and doggedness for their explosion, to orientate them against the enemy: the big bourgeoisie and the reactionaries.

The Communists cannot simply wait for the revolts to break out. They must work consciously in order to ignite them, to help them break out.

Were not such the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin, when they were talking of revolts and revolutions which “laugh at themselves and bend in front of the infinity of their aims”?

The attitude of the leaders of KKE during the December Revolt had nothing in common with the History, the Struggles and the Sacrifices of the Communist Movement. Theirs was an attitude of loyalist delirium.

The leaders of KKE adopted the most important slander of the bourgeoisie: “There is no mass movement, there is no revolt, just rioters”. The leaders of KKE slandered the movement as been “instigated by secret state mechanisms”. The leaders of KKE deserted the mass demonstrations in front of the Parliament and instead organized walks in the other end of the city. The leaders of KKE dared to declared that “objectively” the youth revolt rises up against the labour movement. The leaders of KKE yielded in front of the intimidations of the extreme right LAOS, which was demanding the cancellation of the demonstration of 9 January and, instead, organized a “picket line” for Palestine. The leaders of KKE arrived to the point to justify (through the pretext of a “novel” published in their paper Rizospastis) the murderer of Alexis, the killer cop Korkoneas. This leadership directly supported the “law and order” and, consequently, the government of Karamanlis.




A. Papariga and KKE’s leadership also said about the December Revolt in Greece:

What is the popular revolt? The genuine popular revolt will have as initiators the workers, the employees and the youth. The genuine popular revolt will not smash even a single glass. Exactly because it aims at transforming into public property whatever the working people created in this country, it does not want to destroy this property. Why should a revolt destroy business establishments? Why should a revolt burn business establishments? Why should a revolt destroy banks? A popular revolt wants to transform all these into public property. ”  Statement of KKE’s general secretary A. Papariga in the Parliament, 21/12/2008

We have seen in history much more massive popular reactionary movements. Why don’t you go to Venezuela? Who demonstrates there against Chavez? Students also… In Venezuela’s universities there are no kids from the favelas. These are the kids of the middle and superior strata and of the bourgeoisie. I say that because, whatever is a revolt, whatever has mass characteristics, does not necessarily mean that it is progressive. In no case! ”  Statement of KKE’s general secretary A. Papariga in the Parliament, 21/12/2008

Simultaneously, we saw several Media and Press flattering the youth… talking of revolt, even though there was no such thing. ”  Interview of KKE’s general secretary A. Papariga to the Athens’ daily “Real News”, as reproduced by the Press Office of KKE, 17/12/2008

I wonder, who disposes of such special program through which 100.000 SMS are sent to secondary education pupils, and this in very short time? These are mechanisms which… are built on the base of the anti-people policy and of state structures. ”  Interview of KKE’s general secretary A. Papariga to the Athens’ daily “Real News” [referring to the fact that the information about the murder of Alexis and the first spontaneous protests were spread through SMS and Internet], as reproduced by the Press Office of KKE, 17/12/2008

The common component of these interventions aims at presenting a movement of youngsters, which is based on the problems they have, which is pursuing in a vague way a better society, but objectively is not overcoming the limits of this society, as subject of the popular struggle. Also objectively, this movement stands opposite to the labor movement, opposite to the revolutionary struggle for the replacement of capitalism by socialism, opposite to the working class, which –from its very position as class exploited by the dominating class and having no property in the means of production– is the only one that is able to move forward, through its struggle, the wheels of History. ”  Rizospastis, organ of KKE’s Central Committee, 25/12/2008