The movement of solidarity with Palestine marks its first tactical victory!

The Pentagon announcement, that the shipment of US arms to Israel through the port of Astakos “will be postponed because of security reasons”, belied the pathetic Greek Foreign Affairs Minister, who was declaring that “Greece is not implicated in any such shipment”.

However, the shipment of US arms to the Zionist murderers through Astakos will not be postponed: it will be CANCELLED once and for all, because the Greek People, responding to the call of PFLP, proved that we will not tolerate that Greece becomes an intermediate between the international terrorists US and Israel.

The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) calls upon the Greek People: Remain on alert! Smash all the sneaky attempts of Karamanlis’ government to assist the Israeli Neo-Nazis! All united to the protest in the port of Astakos on Thursday 15/1!

Active solidarity with the Palestinian People!

Stop all the diplomatic, military, political, economic, cultural relations with Israel!

13 January 2009, Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)