Thousands of people have participated, for the sixth consecutive year, in the Resistance Festival and its political and cultural events under the general moto "Many Peoples, One Struggle!". Dozens of foreign guests assured the internationalist aspect of the festival, while many of them animated the public meetings and the debates.

The main event of the opening day, Friday 21 June, undoubtedly was the central meeting under the title “Spark of hope for a way out: A new Mediterranean Peoples’ Spring” (see photo). Comrade Hamma Hammami, leader of the Popular Front of Tunisia, conversed with Alexis Tsipras, president of SYRIZA, about the necessity to build the cooperation of the peoples and movements from both sides of the Mediterranean against our common enemies. They were both preceded by an inspirational intervention by Ali Sait Çetinoğlu, progressive intellectual and academic from Turkey, who transmitted to the large audience the spirit of the rebellion in his country. Before the central meeting, however, the festival kicked-off in a most symbolic way, by comrade Rasem Obeidat from the PFLP, who talked about the situation and the struggles of the Palestinian People.

On Saturday the central debate gathered important speakers from countries that are in the eye of the crisis’ storm. They all expressed their conviction, starting from the struggles in their respective countries and more generally in our greater region, that “the winds of the South shall disperse the clouds”: Among them Vassos Lyssarides, the founder of the socialist party EDEK (Cyprus), Miguel Reis from the portuguese Left Block and Dr Alaa Shukrallah from the Popular Socialist Alliance of Egypt.

The third and last day of the Resistance Festival, Sunday 23 June, Jon Andoni Lekue, representative of the Basque Patriotic Left Party SORTU, Boris Boev, representative of the Bulgarian association “23 September”, Arnljot Ask, international secretary of the Norwegian Red Party, and other international guests discussed about the need for another Europe. At the same time hundreds of participants were following one more important debate about SYRIZA – with a rich panel composed by comrades representing all the tendencies of the Greek Radical Left.

On the sidelines of the festival, the foreign delegations have had the opportunity to participate in a half-day seminar of exchange of information for the developments in Greece, Turkey and other countries. They also visited the Museum of National Resistance in Kokkinia, a popular neighborhood of Pireaus where the Nazis have murdered hundreds of communists and patriots, having thus the occasion to get in a more direct contact with the historic roots of our movement.

The Organizing Committee, in its first meeting after the 6th Resistance Festival, has expressed satisfaction for the popular attendance and the successful conclusion of the festival, which has been by now established as one of the main annual events of the Left in Greece. The organizers have also expressed heartfelt thanks to the approximatively 150 volunteers who made possible the realization of the 6th Resistance Festival under the most difficult conditions in our country, as well as to the international delegations who honored the event with their presence and their contributions.

Until next year!