Resistance Festival

6th International Meeting of Movements

21-22-23 June 2013


Agricultural University of Athens

(Iera Odos Street)


Nearest Metro (blue line) Station: “Kerameikos”

Bus lines: A16, 812, 836, 856]


Political and Cultural PROGRAM:


19:30 Palestine in the geopolitical storm

  • Rasem Obeidat, journalist of the Palestinian newspaper Al Quds and representative of the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine)

20:00 Spark of hope for a way out: A new Mediterranean Peoples’ Spring

  • Alexis Tsipras, head of the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA-EKM
  • Hamma Hammami, head of the Popular Front of Tunisia
  • Short intervention by Anneta Kavadia, sacked journalist of the public TV, and Ali Sait Çetinoğlu, progressive intellectual and academic from Turkey

Concert Scene: The Last Drive, Nightstalker, dj set Polly B

Tavern Area: Cretan Feast (Fragkiadakis, Katsouna, Kontonias, Hatzimakris)



19:30 “Success stories”: Ierapetra – Ierissos – Thessaloniki Public Water Company – Public Television ERT. Four examples of the struggle for Dignity and Real Democracy

19:30 “I shall stay”: Youth assembly (with the participation of youth movements from abroad)

21:00 Seeking a new energy production model

  • Tasos Kefalas, Initiative of Understanding for Waste Management
  • Vana Sfakianaki, Cretan Network against industrial “renewable sources of energy”
  • Alexis Chraritsis, coordinator of the Energy Department of SYRIZA-EKM

21:00 The winds of the South shall disperse the clouds

  • Vassos Lyssarides, founder of the socialist party EDEK (Cyprus)
  • Miguel Reis, member of the leadership of the Left Block (Portugal)
  • Alaa Shukrallah, representative of the Popular Socialist Alliance (Egypt)
  • Short intervention by Radhia Nasraoui, lawyer and activist for democracy and human rights (Tunisia)

Concert Scene: Lemonostifel, Baba Zula

Tavern Area: Icarian Feast (Skantzakas and his friends)


19:30 Seeking another Europe

  • Jon Andoni Lekue, representative of the Patriotic Left (Sortu, Basque Country)
  • Arnljot Ask, international secretary of the Red Party (Rødt, Norway)
  • Boris Boev, representative of the association “23 September” (Bulgaria)
  • Short interventions from other international delegations

20:00 SYRIZA ahead of its Congress

Comrades representing all the tendencies of SYRIZA-EKM dispose 7 minutes each in order to answer three questions: With what policy should SYRIZA move ahead? How will it be possible for the base of the party to find expression? What has to change in the new party?

Participants: Almpanis Yannis (Central Committee member), Axelos Loukas (Executive Secretariat member), Fotiou Theano (MP), Kotsakas Antonis (Central Committee member), Lafazanis Panayiotis (MP), Lee Sarafi (Central Committee member), Ntavanelos Antonis (Executive Secretariat member), Rinaldi Rudi (Executive Secretariat member), Theonas Yannis (Executive Secretariat member), Vitsas Dimitris (Executive Secretariat’s coordinator)


Concert Scene: Ital Light, Christos Thivaios & Mr Highway Band, Encardia

Tavern Area: We drink and dance with the group Rebetien


The Solidarity Village: It will be a space hosting delegations and stands of solidarity networks, social clinics, citizens’ initiatives and other structures of social solidarity. On Saturday 22/6 there will take place an assembly of all these groups in order to exchange experiences and coordinate their efforts. The visitors of the festival may bring in the Solidarity Village packaged food and medicaments, which shall then be distributed by the solidarity networks in their neighborhoods. Also, in the Solidarity Village the visitors will have the possibility to buy products of VIO.M.E. (the first Greek factory that is functioning under workers’ control).

The Kids’ Space: A place where our youngest friends can play, listen to fairy tales, watch theatrical pieces, etc.

And: Several expositions, publishers’ stands, films’ projections, self-organized debates and other activities, as well as stands of political and social organizations and movements from Greece and other countries, shall also be hosted in the Resistance Festival.