Yesterday, Sunday 1 July, the 5th edition of Resistance Festival was successfully concluded with a debate under the theme “A country in transition – Struggling for a different Greece”. The leader of SYRIZA and head of its parliamentary group, Alexis Tsipras, and the other three panelists (Sofia Sakorafa, SYRIZA MP, Eftychis Bitsakis, philosophy professor, and Rudi Rinaldi, member of KOE’s Secretariat) discussed in front of more than 1.500 people under the coordination of the writer Loukas Axelos. The debate, also enriched by several interventions of other participants in the meeting, expressed the climate of creative reflection that prevails in society after the deep changes in the political scene and the possibilities open for the Left and SYRIZA.

The previous two days a series of other debates and seminars has been realized, confirming the particular political and internationalist aspect of the Resistance Festival [ the full program (and photos) can be retrieved in the festival’s website: ]. The Organizing Committee expressed its gratitude to the dozens of volunteers, members and friends of KOE, who worked tirelessly under most difficult conditions, overcoming all the material and financial constraints and thus making possible the successful realization of the Resistance Festival for the fifth consecutive year.

The Organizing Committee is particularly grateful towards all the international delegations for their precious participation, which contributed decisively in the success of the event: from overseas (Argentina, Revolutionary Communist Youth / Reunion, JERF / USA, Kasama Project and Occupy Movement), from the inspiring movements of the Arab Spring (Egypt, Popular Socialist Alliance / Morocco, Democratic Road / Tunisia, Communist Workers Party), from Europe (Catalunya, Republican Left / France, Front of the Left / Germany, Youth Rebell / Netherlands, Rode Morgen / Portugal, Bloco of the Left / Scotland and Britain, Revolutionary Communist Group / Turkey & N. Kurdistan, several delegations, among them DCP, ESP, MKP, PF). On its part, KOE salutes a series of fraternal movements and parties from all over the world which finally were not able to send delegations, mainly because of the shameful refusal of EU's consular authorities to grant them a visa of entry in Greece; among them, the Nouveau Parti Communiste Haitien, the Rassemblement des Travailleurs Africains - Senegal, the New Socialist Movement (Georgia), etc.

Apart their participation in the festival’s events, the international delegations took part in other activities as well. Among them, the most important was a seminar of exchange of information and experiences about the situation in their respective countries (including an extended report from KOE about the developments in Greece, which was followed by a lively questions & answers session). Finally, we mention the appreciation of the public for the rich cultural and musical program, which has become a distinctive characteristic of this annual meeting of peoples and movements in struggle. We renew our appointment for the 6th Resistance Festival in summer 2013!