* The following text is based on a “non paper” released by circles of KOE on Sunday 17 June 2012 at 21:00 hours, i.e. before the final results of the elections. The official statement will be translated into English soon.

Initial thoughts on the electoral outcome

We salute the big political current directed towards the Left, the big popular current seeking salvation for the country, ignoring the unprecedented anti-democratic pressure from the black net of domestic centers of political and economic power and of global imperialist institutions [1].

These elections, to a large degree, were centered on the morale and the fighting spirit of the Greek people. The Greek people recognize very well the right way forward for the country. It is for this reason that even the pro-austerity and pro-Troika forces were compelled to adopt a lukewarm anti-austerity rhetoric [in their electoral campaigns].

The Greek people gradually forged conviction, trust and confidence around SYRIZA based on its struggles. Yet, there was an unprecedented attempt of the enemy camp to crush this confidence and trust during the last two months, to smash the morale and the fighting spirit of the masses, by continuous blackmails and terrorizing threats against the Greek people in case they would support SYRIZA.


These attempts were not successful. On the contrary, SYRIZA emerged as a fundamental protagonist in the political and social life of the country. The Greek people are now further building their self-confidence and their fighting spirit, and they continuously deepen their rejection of the old, corrupt and destructive political system. No one can fail to not recognize this reality.

The coming days, if they produce a pro-Troika administration, will be days of darkness and misfortune for our people. And yet, they will lead to a further burgeoning of our people’s morale and will transform the stream of the actually developing political current into a river of change, which will be marked by the overthrow [of the Troika] and a way out of the crisis for the country.

With its new position in the parliament, where it has now around 70 MPs, and a large basis in the people, SYRIZA will assume its responsibility and will honor the responsibility of representing the people’s aspirations and their hope of opening a road towards the future.

Regarding the pro-Troika forces, none of them dares to openly declare their real policies; instead, they camouflage them with a rhetoric of “renegotiation” [of the memoranda with the Troika], although they continue to be quite willing to implement the socially destructive policies demanded by their foreign masters. Simultaneously, they ask for unprecedented concessions from SYRIZA and they dare to “demand” SYRIZA’s participation in the application of their anti-people policies.

There is only one possible stand against their bully demands: SYRIZA will not grant them the slightest favor. On the contrary, SYRIZA will stand firmly on its natural position: by the side of the Greek people in struggle. There is no other option for SYRIZA!

Athens, Sunday 17 June 2012, 09:00 PM

[1] Translator’s note: This passage refers to network of Greek and foreign conglomerates, large capitalist media concerns, specific institutional centers within the Greek state and international institutions of power. Illustrations of this corrupted and corrupting network of power in Greece are in abundance. For example, in order for Greece to obtain the privilege of hosting the Olympic Games in 2004, an agreement was reached between the Greek state and the U.S. for the country to purchase U.S. “security equipment” as a condition for the American assent. This equipment proved to be inoperable upon delivery, despite its exorbitant cost (1 billion Euros). The same goes for the submarines purchased by Germany, at a cost of 4 billion Euros, which present until today major dysfunctions. All these big contracts are imposed on Greece by imperialist countries with the complicity of the local bourgeois political leaders, ministers etc., who receive huge bribes by the “interested” multinational companies. The most known example in Greece is that of Siemens.