The Greek people has expressed also in the elections its strength and radicalism, sweeping away the pro-troika political forces, provoking an earthquake in the political system, sending a resounding message of overthrow to Europe. The Coalition of Radical Left – SYRIZA is the political force which best expressed the will for the overthrow of the pro-troika regime and the opening of a way out for the country.

Three members of the Communist Organization of Greece – KOE, the comrades Vassilis Hatzilabrou from Western Greece, Vassilis Kyriakakis from Central Greece, and Dimitris Kodelas from Peloponnesus, have been elected MPs with the lists of SYRIZA. Our three comrades have already put themselves in the service of the mass popular movement that keeps shaking our country. They will continue, as they did up to now, to fight in the streets, in the squares, in the demonstrations, always by the side of the people in struggle. They will fight together with SYRIZA for the canceling of the “agreements” with the IMF-EU-ECB troika, which led our country to bankruptcy and further increased its dependence.

The struggle continues!

On the wreckage of the political system that led to the new occupation of Greece by the imperialists and the bankers, let’s build a real democracy!

Athens, 8 May 2012

Press Office of KOE