THE PROGRAM (details only where there is international participation) [*]

Friday 1 July

19:30-21:00: Workshop 1 From Napoli to Keratea, against rubbish dumps and “waste management” mafia

- Marco Santopadre, director of Radio Città Aperta (Rome, Italy)

- Dimitris Damaskos, Initiative for Concertation on the Waste Management

- Representatives from various communities in struggle against rubbish dumps

19:30-21:00: Workshop 2 The solidarity as an answer to the crisis (“Greek workshop” with participation of solidarity networks and a free-of-charge welfare clinic based on voluntaries)

21:00-22:30  MAIN DEBATE The squares of the world are speaking

- Syntagma square, Athens: Dimitris Mitropoulos (movement “”)

- Puerta del Sol, Madrid: Juma Estévez Mateos

- MayDays, Lisbon: Filipa Gonçalves

- Tahrir square, Cairo: Mohamed Youssef, 6 April Movement

- Plaza del Mayo, Buenos Aires: César Miguel García, Youth of CCC


(*) The friends from Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona (Gerard Coca and Rubo Borràs) will not arrive in time for this debate. We will arrange a separate meeting on Sunday 3 July, so they can inform the other foreign delegations and the public about the popular protests in Catalunya.

Saturday 2 July

19:30-20:30: Workshop Ancona – Igoumenitsa – Patras: Trajectories of immigrants, EU “Dublin II” Treaty

- Anti-racist and solidarity initiatives from Western Greece and Italy


20:00-21:00  MAIN DEBATE 1 The Arab Spring colors the Earth

- Dr Alaa Shokralla, served as volunteer in the Medical Care Station of Tahrir Square, Party of the Popular Socialist Alliance (Egypt)

- Brahim Ben Taleb, Communist Party of Tunisian Workers (PCOT, Tunisia)

- Murad Ali Abdullah, Coordination Council of Youth Revolution for Change (CCYRC, Yemen)

- Mahmoud Safadi, Addameer / Ahmad Saadat Campaign (Palestine) 

21:00-22:30  MAIN DEBATE 2 For a real democracy (“Greek debate” with participation of Greek MPs etc – We will provide a simultaneous translation into English for the international guests that would like to participate)

Sunday 3 July

19:30-20:30: Workshop 1 “I don’t pay” – Movements of civil disobedience (refusal to pay in the privatized high-ways toll stations, etc) (“Greek workshop” with participation of grassroots committees and coordinations)

19:30-20:30: Workshop 2 Organization and movements of unemployed in the crisis’ context

- Representatives of unemployed people initiatives from various Greek cities

- César Miguel García, Youth of CCC (Argentina)

- Reports from Portugal and France

20:30-22:00 MAIN DEBATE The IMF invades Europe – The end of the EU?

- Daithí Mac An Mháistir, socialist republican party “eirigi” (Ireland)

- Jorge Costa, Political Commission of the “Bloco de Esquerda” (Portugal)

- Christos Katsoulas, Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)

- Annette Groth, MP, Die Linke (Germany)

- Thorvaldur Thorvaldsson, Red Forum (Iceland) 

ALSO: Every day there is a rich cultural program, starting at 22:00, with music concerts in the main concert scene. Additionally, there will be a second musical stage, with Greek rembetika and popular songs, in the tavern area. The Festival also hosts various art expositions, film projections, etc.

[*] According to the rapidly changing political developments and the needs of the popular movement against the Papandreou government and the IMF-EU-ECB Troika, the program of the 4th Resistance Festival may be modified partially or as a whole in any moment. Please contact us for any new information. The squares have the priority!