Against the system’s barbarity and the social regression

3rd International Meeting of Movements, Agricultural University of Athens, 18-19-20 June 2010

Greece remains in the epicenter of the crisis and of the social resistances that break out all over Europe. The Resistance Festival, for the third consecutive year, gives its space to the international movements of the working people and of the youth. From Friday 18 to Sunday 20 June 2010, the Resistance Festival will become again an important tribune for the coordination and the unity of the struggles – in order that our voices will be better heard, and our resistance becomes even more effective.



Friday 18 June

07:30 p.m.: The destruction of a country by the IMF “earthquake” * Two representatives of the movement, coming directly from the martyred island of Haiti, expose the unbearable situation created not only by the earthquake but also because of the foreign occupation and the FMI “treatment”.

08:30 p.m.: Argentina and Iceland – Examples of bankruptcy and resistance * Speakers: Jacinto Roldan, editor of the Argentinean weekly Hoy, and Thorvaldur Thorvaldsson, chairman of the Red Forum from Iceland.

Saturday 19 June

07:30 p.m.: The EU in crisis, the peoples of Europe in struggle * Speakers from the European Left: Bloco de Esquerda (Portugal), Red Party (Norway), Coalition of Radical Left (Greece), and others.

08:30 p.m.: The Greek Left in critical crossroads – How can the resistance against the IMF-EU occupation develop? * Speakers from a wide range of the Greek Left (simultaneous translation into English/French language for our foreign guests)

Sunday 20 June

07:30 p.m.: The language of imperialism and Zionism * Speakers: Domenico Losurdo, writer and university professor of philosophy, Activists from the Freedom Flotilla / Greek Initiative “Ship to Gaza

08:30 Movements and Power – The system’s crisis and the opportunities to overthrow it * Speakers: John Holloway, professor of Sociology at the Autonomous University of Puebla/Mexico, Rudi Rinaldi, editor of the Greek left weekly “Dromos”


Friday 18 June  The Burger Project – Unexpected adaptations by the whole spectrum of contemporary music, drawing up diamonds from swing to punk and from disco to country. /// Dub Pistols – The legends of the British urban scene, based on the dancehall and dub traditions. Excellent wind instruments, with the trumpet on the leading role. The rap phonetics are their basic feature.

Saturday 19 June  Mare Yiem – Traditional Mediterranean and Balkan sounds meeting the western electricity. Blues and jazz nuances, with Angeliki Toubanaki in the vocals. /// Khainides – [khainis: an outlaw evading “justice” because of his revolutionary beliefs and acts] Rich orchestration, explosive color sounds, passion. The famous Greek group performs for the second time in the Resistance Festival after last year’s great success.

Sunday 20 June  Pallyria – The term they use for their personal sound is World-Electro. Regenerating the traditional sounds through the contemporary western music (electro, dub, techno). /// Transglobal Underground – The collective from London that first established the term “world beat”. A mixture of western, oriental and African sounds. Indian rhythms, south American percussion, but also some hints of dub and reggae, hip-hop, oriental vocals.

Also: After the concerts, the party goes on with known DJs. Moreover, each day, in the tavern, a second music scene entertains us with popular and rembetika songs.


Friday 18 June  07:30 p.m.: Workshop of political caricature and cartoon – The Brazilian cartoonist Latuff discusses with Greek cartoonists and together they present their work to the public. /// 09:30 p.m.: “There was no other path to follow” – A documentary film of Stavros Psyllakis narrating the history of the Democratic Army of Greece guerrillas on the mountains of Crete. With the presence of comrade Elias Metallidis, captain of the guerrilla.

Saturday 19 June  08:30 p.m.: “Not orphan, nor poor, nor outlander…” – A theatrical performance referring to the working “accidents”. Director: Elena Patrikiou. /// 09:30 p.m.: “Wobblies” – A movie about one of the most radical workers’ movements on the eve of the 20th century: the IWW in the USA.

Sunday 20 June  07:30 p.m.: Seminar of African and traditional percussion – Performed by the Taki school. /// 09:30 p.m.: “The battle of Algiers – An historical movie about the struggle of the National Liberation Front of Algeria against the French colonialist domination.

ALSO: Infomeetings organized by the foreign delegations /// Each day, from 07:00 p.m., kindergarten with several activities for our little friends /// Art expo of the creations of Dimitris Grammatikos (stone-metal-wood) /// A big collection of movies and documentary films (New Star)


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