Press Statement of KOE

The denunciations by the six Greek activists who returned yesterday in Athens revealed that the Israeli neonazis, even after their murderous raid on the ships of the Freedom Flotilla, kept on torturing the hundreds of hostages – among them the 31 Greek activists who are still held imprisoned in the Zionist terrorist entity.

Israel, this vagabond “state” that exists only thanks to the support of the USA and the tolerance of the EU and the rest of the supposedly “civilized” world, is guilty for the ongoing crime. But equally guilty is the Papandreou government, which observes in the most pathetic way the orgy of the Zionist terrorism. Yesterday’s outrageous and shameless claim of the Greek government, that it had warned the… activists about the risks of the trip (!), proves its complicity.

The same goes for the supposedly “left wing” AKEL government of Cyprus, which fully complied to the demands of USA and israel, shutting down the ports of Cyprus for the Freedom Flotilla and blocking the access to the ships even to Greek and Cypriot MPs! Thus, the government of AKEL offended deeply the dignity and the anti-imperialist, anti-zionist feelings of the Cypriot people. This supposedly “left” government harmed the cause of Cyprus in the Arab world, allowing the regime of Ankara (which oppresses its own peoples and occupies militarily 38% of the soil of the Republic of Cyprus) to present itself as champion of the international solidarity…

The unbelievably violent police repression on the first great demonstration in Athens after the murderous Zionist attack on the Freedom Flotilla (with dozens of people wounded) shows one thing: that the Papandreou government knows very well how to be strong only against thousands of its own people, while it adopts a pathetic coward stand against the israeli criminals.

We salute the brave stand of the International, Palestinian and Hebrew kidnapped activists, who refuse to sign any paper as demanded by the Zionists. We demand the full and unconditional release of ALL the activists, and the return of the Freedom Flotilla that is illegally occupied by the israeli forces.

All, the guilty and their accomplices, will receive again tomorrow, in the new demonstrations that will take place all over Greece, the appropriate reply by the Greek people – who is times and again offended by the servile and treasonous attitude of its government.

Immediate and complete break of all relations with the Zionist terrorist state!

Shut down the murderers’ embassy now!

Solidarity with the Palestinian people, until victory!

2 June 2010, Communist Organization of Greece