The general strike of 24 February and the mass rallies organized in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and dozens of cities all over Greece gave a strong message of resistance against the EU, the PASOK government (and its reactionary anti-people alliance with the right-wing and the extreme right-wing), and the mainstream Media that continue their dark propaganda in favor of the destructive, medieval neoliberal policies imposed through the EU Stability Pact.

The mass participation in the strike and the rallies, despite the bourgeois campaign to promote the all-out attack against the people as “inevitable”, proved that the working people and the youth are in a process of realizing that the EU and government projects can be upset, and raise the expectations for the better organization and development of the people’s resistance. The fact that the leaders of the two trade union Confederations (GSEE for the private sector and ADEDY for the public sector) were obliged to call this general strike under the angry pressure of the workers shows this gradual change of the masses’ conscience, and the workers’ will to fight against the EU-government measures.


A new generation of militant strikers enters the race and gradually gives a new color to the struggles. This new generation of workers and employees, poorly paid and working under the most flexible and repressive conditions, demands the change of the course of the trade union movement, which still suffers by the chronic weaknesses provoked by its leaders’ capitulationist and pro-bourgeois line. More and more people support the demand to struggle against the EU Stability Pact, which embodies the essence of the current reactionary attack.

Now that the first general strike marked a success, the most crucial element is the continuation of the struggle. We must underline on this point that the concept of a sovereign government elected by the people has in reality been abolished as far as Greece is concerned. The parliamentary democracy reveals to be a parody. Greece is governed by the EU Ecofin. For the first time the articles of the Lisbon Treaty are activated, putting the workers of our country and the wealth that they produce under occupation by the Brussels. And while the last remnants of national sovereignty are shred apart, the banks, the stockbrokers, the employers and the cartels are impatiently waiting the structural “reforms” imposed on Greece by the European Commission.

Preparation of the strike

The members and friends of the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) worked all over the country, in neighborhoods and working places, in order to counter the bourgeois propaganda and to build various forms of collective organization in preparation of the general strike and of the struggles to come. In this context, the young workers movement “Dikaioma” (“Right”) used old and new methods of activism in favor of the strike: from moto-rallies to interventions in central theaters and from propaganda activities outside and inside working places to happenings in popular spots. Also, activists of KOE, together with other comrades from SYRIZA (Coalition of Radical Left) made several interventions the days preceding the general strike. The most spectacular amongst these was the climbing in the offices of the EU Representation in the heart of Athens, from where they unfurled a huge banner with the slogan “No to the Stability Pact – European workers unite in solidarity and subversion”.

Actually KOE strives to build a broad militant front of solidarity and resistance, which will include several forces of the communist and radical Left aiming at uniting and developing struggles and revolts. The publication of the first issue of the new national weekly newspaper “Road” last Saturday 20 February (which is an initiative of KOE that regroups leftists and communists from various political forces, as well as non-organized militants) is another step in this context, contributing to the efforts for the building of “a Left that unites and resists”.