The Communist Organization of Greece salutes the Greek workers and employees who gave yesterday, Wednesday 10 February, a resounding response to the attack of the EU and of the Greek "socialist" government against their working and living conditions. The success of the strike (with a participation that reached almost 100% in many public sectors) is also a response to the black propaganda of the mainstream Media, which claim that the Greek people are in favor of the neoliberal policies supported in block by the "socialists", the right-wing, the extreme right-wing, the capitalists and the bankers. The Greek working people have no other option left, than to rise up and struggle for their life and for the future of our children, until the government will be obliged to retreat. The general national strike declared for 24 February by both the private and public sector Confederations, under the pressure of the workers, will be a landmark in this struggle. We will not pay for their crisis! We call upon all the workers all over Europe to join the struggle against the EU Stability Pact!