The youth keeps occupying the streets! On Friday 12 December a huge crowd of secondary education pupils, university students and teachers gathered in the centre of Athens and marched peacefully towards the Parliament. There, once more, the repressive forces attacked them with chemicals and arrested dozens of pupils of 13, 14 and 15 years old. In many cases the teachers, bystanders, even journalists got angry and tried to liberate the arrested kids, clashing with the police. Similar demonstrations took place all over Greece.

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) as usual made separate demonstrations – in Athens they marched towards an… empty building that used to be a Ministry (!) and then headed towards the offices of the Coalition (!), where they shouted insults… The government ministers and the pro-government Media keep congratulating the KKE for its “responsible” stand. At the same time, on Friday the Minister of Education “warned” the leadership of the Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA) to “control this organization of your Coalition who talks of government of murderers and calls the youth to continue the riots”!

On Saturday 13 December the secondary education students gathered once more in front of the Parliament peacefully during the whole day, until dawn of Sunday. Then the police, exploiting the fact that there were no many people in the streets, attacked them. Incidents broke up for hours around the Polytechnic School. During the afternoon of Saturday thousands of people gathered spontaneously in the place where Alexis has been murdered, shouting slogans against the police and the government. The whole day dozens of demonstrations took place in the neighborhoods of Athens and in many cities all over Greece, organized by the Left (with the exception of KKE).

Hundreds of schools and universities are now under occupation, despite the efforts of PASOK and KKE to use calumniation and even violence to prevent the students entering the universities, gathering and mobilizing. On Monday 15 December a new protest is organized by the newly founded Coordination of Schools “Alexis Grigoropoulos” in front of the Athens’ Police Headquarters. Dozens of student and teachers unions call for a national popular demonstration in Athens on Thursday 18 December. The Communist Organization of Greece prepares new actions all over Greece from tomorrow until Thursday, calling the people to throw down this government.


The repression and the coordinated attacks against the revolt will fail!

It is right to rebel! All to the streets! We continue!