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Ten days before the 1st Congress of SYRIZA, KOE has announced its decision to suspend its autonomous public presence as a necessary step for the strengthening of SYRIZA and of its unified expression.


Statement of KOE, 5 July 2013


The Communist Organization of Greece, one of the main forces of SYRIZA since its first steps, has supported and keeps supporting in a substantial way the project of SYRIZA and its effort to change the situation in the Left and in the Greek society. The changes that occurred in the Greek society and in the political correlation of forces because of the IMF-EU-ECB Troika’s aggression since 2010, but also thanks to the development of a broad mass popular movement, raised (especially after the 2012 elections) new tasks and requirements for SYRIZA itself.

The Communist Organization of Greece, with a series of concrete proposals and positions, declared been in favor of the transformation of SYRIZA into a party-movement able to unite with the people and to contribute in the building of a big political current that shall sweep away the old political system and the regime imposed by Troika’s Memoranda. The last Panhellenic Conference of SYRIZA (December 2012) decided to advance towards the building of a unified party. This resolution has been already approved by the big majority of SYRIZA’s rank and file, and is expected to be ratified in the coming 1st Founding Congress. Consequently, the Communist Organization of Greece has decided, as a necessary step for the strengthening of SYRIZA and of its unified expression, to suspend its autonomous public presence.

The Communist Organization of Greece (ΚΟΕ) was founded 10 years ago, in the 1st Congress that took place in January 2003, after a long period of multiform preparation since the ’80s.

During this decade major social and political movements, national and international, but also popular revolts, have taken place all over the world. Huge political, economic and social changes occurred not only in the international matrix but also in our country itself. These changes altered the international balance of power and the political map of our country. The main focus of these changes has been the degree to which the Greek people have become a major factor of political change through a complex process of social struggle and political self-awareness.

All these years KOE’s approach has been to rationalize the political undergoing and the underlying causes that shape the people’s movement, and at the same time to articulate a course of political action that unifies the people’s struggle under a common perspective.

  • For our organization, this has been a decade of ideological and social fermentation through participating in all new forms of struggle and the major political mobilizations of our people:
  • KOE became active in the Greek and European Social Forum, the anti-globalization movement and a multitude of international meetings.
  • At the same time, our organization has forged strong relations with major international movements and parties in an effort, on the one hand to make known their original characteristics in our country, and on the other to advance internationalist solidarity.
  • KOE has also taken part in many solidarity missions in Palestine and elsewhere. Its members were on the first ship that defied the Israeli blockade of Gaza in 2008.
  • Since 2008 KOE organizes annually the internationalist Resistance Festival, a meeting place for the ideas and the struggles represented by movements, collectives and militants.
  • Recently it has strengthened its ties with various movements of the Arab Spring and has worked to enhance its position within the European Left.