International Solidarity

Dear Comrades of the ANNISU-R,

We heartily thank you for inviting us here, in your 18th Congress and in this International Seminar. This is a great occasion for us, to renew our ties of comradeship and solidarity with your movement and in general with the revolutionary movement of the Nepalese people. It is, furthermore, a great occasion to learn and to be inspired from the exemplary struggles and the revolutionary spirit of the Nepalese youth and people. In the name of the Leading Committee of the Communist Organization of Greece, and in the name of the National Secretariat of the Student Youth, we extend to you the enthusiastic red salute of our Organization and of the thousands of young and older people who struggle with us in the streets of Greece.

Dear Comrades of the other foreign delegations,

We salute you in the name of our Student Youth. It is an inspiring experience, to be here with you all, and to try to explore together with the Nepalese comrades the best ways to put the foundations for a broad anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist and anti-neoliberal international forum. When you will return to your countries, please transmit our revolutionary greetings and, above all, our will to work together in order to oppose effectively our common enemies, with the liberating perspective of the Socialism of the 21st century. The future belongs to us all!

Dear Comrades,

Please allow us to briefly expose to you the actual situation of the youth and popular movements in our country, Greece, and more general in Europe. You are all aware of the deep and general crisis that shakes the very foundations of the reactionary and anti-democratic European Union, as the capitalists attempt to overcome this crisis by sinking the society back to conditions and relations of the 19th  century.

In this context, the youth plays a protagonistic role in the struggles and movements all over Europe. Maybe you have seen the scenes from the supposedly “quiet” and “disciplined” youth of Britain, demonstrating bravely in order to oppose the anti-student laws of the British government. Maybe you have seen the scenes of thousands of students breaking the anti-riot police lines, invading government buildings, and even attacking the limousine of prince Charles.

Exclusive interview of Aristides Papadokostopoulos(*) to the left weekly “Dromos” (2/6/2010)

Could you tell us what happened exactly from the moment of the attack?

Just before 5 o’clock on Monday morning, the attack of the Israelis started on international waters, 70 miles off the coast of Gaza. First they attacked the large Turkish ship, which was transferring most of the activists, and afterwards the rest of the ships. The attack kicked off with real ammunition and had as result all these murders. They got on board also on the two passenger boats and on the Turkish boats, and then they came down on us, on the “Free Mediterranean”. We continued to move forward despite the warnings, because Israel does not have the right to run checks and stop ships on 70 nautical miles off the coastline. And this has to be condemned by the international community in its entirety. Israel can not act as the gendarme of the region, forbidding any access to Gaza. The commandos climbed up on board from inflatable boats, they hit us, and led us to a port, Ashdod. From there the psychological war started. The threat was “we deport you now or you go to prison”. We chose, some of us, to leave earlier, so that the matter becomes known in Greece. The others chose to stay there, because they do not recognise any suzerainty of Israel in international waters. The hostages were not illegal; Israel arrested them defying the maritime and international laws. When they brought us in Ashdod, that the following were hit by the Israelis: Vangelis Pissias, Yiannis Karipidis, and two more foreign activists: the American who played in the documentary ‘Gaza We Are Coming’ and the Swedish saxophone player who originally comes from Israel. They hit these ones in front of us. The port authorities, the army, the police, around 500 people were hitting them under conditions of lynching. And it is not an exaggeration when I say that 500 people were brutalizing them.

Mr Ambassador,

You are certainly aware of the situation of 11.000 Palestinians who are jailed in your prisons. You are also certainly aware of the inhuman and cruel treatment most of them suffer, often placed in isolation, been tortured, or deprived even of the most basic necessities and elementary rights. Among them is Mr Ahmad Sa'adat, General Secretary of PFLP and elected member of the Palestinian Parliament, who was abducted by your army. Because he has refused to submit to the inhuman regime that your government reserves to the Palestinian prisoners, Mr Sa'adat has been put in even more strict isolation, which he challenges tomorrow in the Israeli courts.

We will not try to convince you that the Palestinians, as all peoples on this planet, are entitled to determine themselves their fate, to be free, to return to their homes, and of course to struggle in order to secure these universal rights.

The Communist Organization of Greece unequivocally condemns the arrest, on 13 October, of ten members of the Basque pro-independence movement, including Arnaldo Otegi, leader and spokesperson of Batasuna during the last peace process in the Basque Country, Rafa Diez, former National Secretary of the Trade Union LAB and Rufino Etxeberria, member of the Negotiation Committee during last peace process.

This new, deeply antidemocratic attack against the Basque pro-independence movement is the last in a series of continuous, desperate and impressively unsuccessful attempts of the Spanish State to “resolve” the Basque conflict through the means of increasingly harsh and violent repression.

The Communist Organization of Greece condemns the new attacks of the Berlusconi regime against the antifascist movement, and more concretely the police invasion in the “1st May Club” in Pistoia and the arrest of the antifascist militants Alessandro Della Malva, Elisabetta Cipolli and Alessandro Orfano. These provocative attacks come in sharp contrast with the tolerance of the Berlusconi regime (and of the PD “opposition”) towards the countless and continuous crimes of the fascist gangs, and with the extreme violence perpetrated by the extreme right wing, the reactionary state and the repressive mechanisms against the progressive people, the youth and the immigrants.

The following letter has been sent to the Irish daily Press by representatives of the "Union of the Working People", as it was requested by the comrades and friends of the Irish NO Campaign

We are trying these days to follow the developments of the referendum campaign through the “Irish Times”. We must confess that we usually lack the time to read foreign Press, although we realize that it is always very useful to be informed about what is going on outside our small everyday world. However, now we try to do so, because on the 2nd of October the Irish people are called to vote (again) on the Lisbon Treaty. And the outcome of the Irish referendum is of great interest to us all, despite the fact we live on the other side of our common continent.

As you most probably know, we Greeks (and the rest of Europe’s peoples, Irish excepted) have not been given the slightest chance to have our saying on this famous Lisbon Treaty. Thus, we are entitled to wonder: why the appointed officials of the European Commission and the rest of the EU institutions avoid so much to let their subjects (because that’s how they make us feel: subjects, not citizens) decide? The ratification of such important treaties through national Parliaments is all but democratic: we all know very well that there would be a resounding “yes” to the European Constitution in the case French and Dutch PMs would vote, instead of their peoples; and the same goes for the first Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Nevertheless, the fact that the European leaders never respect the results of the popular vote, whenever they make the mistake to allow it, is even more undemocratic.

La dirección nacional de la “Unión de Trabajadores”, fracción militante del movimiento obrero de Grecia, saluda a nuestros colegas de la fábrica Terrabusi-Kraft en la Argentina, que están luchando contra los 162 despidos y en defensa de las sus derechas y de sus representantes. Su lucha contra el monopolio norteamericano Kraft, que no respeta incluso las leyes de Argentina, es parte de la lucha de las masas trabajadoras por todo el mundo en medio de la crisis. De un continente al otro, los gritos de combate de las masas se levantan más y más fuertos, contra los monopolios, los padrones y sus gobiernos: “¡No pagaremos su crisis!”.


The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) salutes our brothers and sisters of the Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Turkey/N.Kurdistan (MLKP) and enthusiastically congratulates them for the successful holding of their 4th Congress despite all the attacks of the colonialist fascist Turkish dictatorship.

The 4th Congress and the celebrations that followed all over Turkey and N. Kurdistan in order to hail its success prove once more the deep bonds of MLKP with the most oppressed and exploited masses, and the strategic weakness of the Ankara regime, which is unable to smash the revolutionaries no matter how murderous and barbaric methods it uses.

The revolutionary movement of the peoples of Turkey and N. Kurdistan, of which MLKP is a van horse, has suffered many blows by the reactionaries and their imperialist masters. However, MLKP faced these blows not only with unspeakable courage and self-abnegation, but also with the ability to “read” correctly and concretely the concrete conditions, to transform itself accordingly and to create new spaces of struggle and resistance.

In this way MLKP became a precious ally of all the revolutionaries struggling in our region and further away, and contributes decisively to the necessary coordination of the popular struggles throughout the Balkans, the Middle East and the broader region. That’s why the Communist Organization of Greece considers itself honored to struggle in the same camp with MLKP, and pledges to further develop the fraternal relations between our forces – relations that are beneficial for the whole revolutionary movement and for all our peoples.

Long live the 4th Congress of MLKP!

Long live the solidarity between our forces and our peoples!

Communism is the future of the world!

Athens, 12 September 2009

Communist Organization of Greece, Leading Committee


As 17th April, the International Political Prisoners’ Day approaches, the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) addresses a warm solidarity greeting to all those men and women who suffer inside the prisons world-wide because they have put themselves in the service of their peoples. We salute all those persecuted, tortured and imprisoned because they committed their lives in the struggles for national and social liberation.

Dear Comrades,

We are closely following the developments in Ireland, and the gross attack orchestrated by the pro-establishment Media against your socialist republican political party éirígí . The attempt to link éirígí  with the recent armed attacks against the British military should be considered as an ill-conceived farce, had it not been a clear attempt to defame, isolate and break an open, progressive republican party that works for the establishment of a Democratic Socialist Republic through the building of a new popular mass movement.

Arrested left militants in TurkeyThe Communist Organization of Greece strongly denounces to the Greek and international public opinion the new pogrom unleashed by the Ankara regime against the Left, the labour and women’s movement and the progressive intellectuals in Turkey and N. Kurdistan.

According to the information available until now, yesterday (Tuesday 10 March 2009) the “anti”terrorist units of the Turkish state arrested over 50 persons in 6 cities, 33 of them in Istanbul. Among the arrested are cadres of the legal political party ESP, journalists of the legal newspaper Atilim, editors of the publication “Art and Life”, representatives of trade-unions and women’s organizations, as well as people accused to be members of the outlawed party MLKP.

Dear Comrades and Friends,

On behalf of the Youth of KOE (Communist Organization of Greece), we salute the 9th Congress of your Rebell Youth Organization. Your Congress takes place during a very critical period, a period of generalized economical and political crisis, which highlights great tasks for each revolutionary Youth Organization. In the past few months, the international economic crisis, along with the extreme aggression of neoliberalism, have made obvious that the only viable alternative for the people is the complete overthrow of capitalism. At the same time, these past few months, there have surged throughout the world many movements of resistance against the policies that impose poverty, exclusions and wars on people. These revolts and resistances show that the peoples’ tolerance is running out and there is an increasing need for an alternative.

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the leadership and the members of the Communist Organization of Greece, we convey to you our warmest comradely greetings on the 40th anniversary of DFLP’s foundation. These were 40 difficult and at the same time heroic years for the Palestinian People, which has suffered the barbarity of imperialism and Zionism, but never yielded and became an example for the peoples of the whole world. These were also 40 difficult and at the same time heroic years for the Palestinian Left, of which DFLP is a part. The whole world has witnessed how the Palestinian Left stood firmly all these years, despite its weaknesses, in the first line of the struggle, together with the Palestinian People, struggling for the end of occupation, for national and social liberation.

The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) expresses its full support and solidarity with the ongoing mass protests, strikes and mobilizations of the peoples of Guadeloupe and Martinique against the high prices of the basic goods and services and for real increase of salaries and pensions. We condemn the bloody repression exercised by the institutions and the police of the colonial French state against the legitimate mass popular revolt.

We call upon the Left and the militant trade unions to express their solidarity with the collectif "Liyannaj Kont Pwofitasyon" (LKP, which regroups several social and political organisations of Guadeloupe, among them the Union Generale des Travailleurs de Guadeloupe (UGTG,, as well as to the communist forces of the islands, such as the PKLS of Martinique (Pati Kominis pou Lendépandans èk Sosyalism / Parti Communiste pour l'Indépendance et le Socialisme,

Follows in french language the solidarity message of KOE:

The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) condemns, once more, the illegitimate, arbitrary and slanderous listing of a series of revolutionary, anti-imperialist and liberation movements as “terrorist organizations” by the United States and the European Union. Especially the case of listing as “terrorist” the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), as well as other Palestinian organizations, highlights the real aims of the imperialist forces: They attempt to defame and isolate the justified and legitimate Resistance of the Palestinian People and to gain support for the Zionist Neo-Nazis and the genocidal terrorist policy of the Israeli state. They also attempt (in vain!) to terrorize, penalize and silence the world-wide movement of solidarity with the Palestinian Resistance.

Dear Friends and Comrades,

On behalf of the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE), we congratulate you on the 90th anniversary since the first meeting of Dáil Éireann, the first all-Ireland Parliament. This is an important landmark in the long historical struggles of the Irish People for independence and justice. The two documents produced by Dáil, the Declaration of Independence and the Democratic Programme, represented the will of the Irish People to achieve both national and social liberation throughout the whole island. These two resolutions represented a threat against the imperialist and reactionary forces, who eventually led the bloody repression of the Irish Republic.

militant mobilization in the port of Astakos The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) salutes the heroic Resistance in Gaza and the thousands of Greeks mobilizing every day all over the country in support of the martyred Palestinian People and against the reactionary Karamanlis’ government. Yesterday Thursday 15 January took place in the port of Astakos (Western Greece) a massive and militant mobilization against the attempt of the Karamanlis’ government to facilitate the shipment of US arms to the Israeli Neo-Nazis. The contingent of KOE, by far the biggest and most combative, was in the front line of the protest. The demonstrators, despite the heavy presence of the police, pushed away the barbed wire “protecting” the privatized port and entered the location, scanting slogans against the complicity of the Greek government, denouncing the US-Israel genocidal aggression, demanding the immediate break of all relations with the Zionist state and saluting the Palestinian Resistance. The Communist Organization of Greece, which mobilized all its forces in Western Greece, warned that any further attempt to use the Greek soil against the Palestinian People will meet the resolute and combative resistance of the region’s inhabitants and of the Greek People as a whole.

The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) condemns the shameful implication of Greece in the plans to ship huge cargos of US arms to Israel through the Greek port of Astakos (Western Greece). If shipped, these arms will be used for the continuation of the genocidal Zionist aggression in Gaza. The implication of the Greek port of Astakos reveals the full complicity of the government of Karamanlis in the crime perpetrated against the Palestinian People.

The claims of the Greek government (“we know nothing about it”) are sheer lies and pure hypocrisy. The complicity of the Greek government is revealed to the whole world through the attempt to use of the Greek soil in order to supply new arms to the Israeli Neo-Nazis. This is not a a unique episode: during the genocidal US war against Iraq, the naval base of Souda (Crete) was also used by the “liberators of Iraq”.

On Saturday 3 January a massive and combative demonstration took place in the center of Athens and marched towards the Zionist embassy. Thousands of people responded to the call of the Palestinian Community, of the Greek Social Forum and of the Left organizations (with the exception of the "Communist Party of Greece" - KKE). With slogans against the Zionist murderers and their accomplices, the USA, the EU and the so-called "international community", and throwing stones, the people resisted for long time the brutal attacks of the Police Special Forces. The Police attacked with lots of chemicals in an attempt to prevent the demonstrators from reaching the embassy.

The spirit of the demonstration, one of the biggest of the last years, was characterized by outrage for the Zionist crimes, anger for the pro-US, pro-Israel stand of the Greek government, and by resolute spirit of solidarity. The main slogans scanded also by the block of the Communist Organization of Greece were: