The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) salutes our brothers and sisters of the Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Turkey/N.Kurdistan (MLKP) and enthusiastically congratulates them for the successful holding of their 4th Congress despite all the attacks of the colonialist fascist Turkish dictatorship.

The 4th Congress and the celebrations that followed all over Turkey and N. Kurdistan in order to hail its success prove once more the deep bonds of MLKP with the most oppressed and exploited masses, and the strategic weakness of the Ankara regime, which is unable to smash the revolutionaries no matter how murderous and barbaric methods it uses.

The revolutionary movement of the peoples of Turkey and N. Kurdistan, of which MLKP is a van horse, has suffered many blows by the reactionaries and their imperialist masters. However, MLKP faced these blows not only with unspeakable courage and self-abnegation, but also with the ability to “read” correctly and concretely the concrete conditions, to transform itself accordingly and to create new spaces of struggle and resistance.

In this way MLKP became a precious ally of all the revolutionaries struggling in our region and further away, and contributes decisively to the necessary coordination of the popular struggles throughout the Balkans, the Middle East and the broader region. That’s why the Communist Organization of Greece considers itself honored to struggle in the same camp with MLKP, and pledges to further develop the fraternal relations between our forces – relations that are beneficial for the whole revolutionary movement and for all our peoples.

Long live the 4th Congress of MLKP!

Long live the solidarity between our forces and our peoples!

Communism is the future of the world!

Athens, 12 September 2009

Communist Organization of Greece, Leading Committee