As 17th April, the International Political Prisoners’ Day approaches, the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) addresses a warm solidarity greeting to all those men and women who suffer inside the prisons world-wide because they have put themselves in the service of their peoples. We salute all those persecuted, tortured and imprisoned because they committed their lives in the struggles for national and social liberation.

Today, amidst the worse post-war crisis of the capitalist system, new millions of people around the globe join the struggles in order to repulse the black future that the dominant classes and the imperialist forces are trying to impose on the popular masses. The waves of protests, social revolts and all kinds of resistances are getting multiplied in all the continents, more and more often marking tactical victories and obliging the reactionaries to retreat.

The response of the peoples’ enemies is more barbaric than ever: continuously increasing persecution, total impingement of the most basic rights guaranteed by the national constitutions and by the international law, genocidal aggressions, use of new and old barbaric repressive means that send the humanity back to the dark ages of fascism. As a result, and while the first decade of the 21st century approaches its end, thousands and thousands of political prisoners are suffering in the dungeons of the reaction.

From the prisons of the “European democracies” to the secret torture camps set up around the globe by the US and other imperialists, the best daughters and sons of the world’s peoples are facing the inhuman, antidemocratic, and often genocidal response of the reactionaries to their just struggles. The “justice” of the Capital and of the National Oppression pursues mercilessly anyone who opposes their black policies: from the national liberation fighter to the youngster who “dares” to shout an “insulting” slogan against the police.

The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) reiterates once more its solidarity with the progressive political prisoners, who continue their just struggle even behind the bars. We salute comrade Ahmad Sa’adat! Mummia Abbu Jamal! Leonard Peltier! The Cuban Five! We salute: The imprisoned militants of the Basque Patriotic Left! The Turkish and Kurdish revolutionaries prisoners! The Colombian, Peruvian, Mexican and other Latin American jailed comrades! The communist political prisoners in the former Eastern Bloc countries! The Palestinian and Arab freedom fighters in the Zionist cells! The “unknown” workers and youth imprisoned in Greece and all over Europe because of their participation in the social movements and revolts! We salute all our brothers and sisters behind bars, no matter where they are.

There is a red thread going round the globe and uniting all the political prisoners, and all of us, despite the most different conditions from country to country and the various degree of persecution; it is the red thread of the goal we all share: the upsurge of the popular struggles until the defeat of our common enemies. Their camp represents the dark ages, ours represents the dawn of hope and resolute struggle for the interests of the huge majority of humankind.

Our thoughts and hearts are always with all those who defy the oppressors and do not yield, because they know that they are never alone, even in the most absolute isolation. The struggle in order to liberate them and to stop the deterioration of their living conditions continues!

Athens, 14 April 2009