Dear Comrades,

We are closely following the developments in Ireland, and the gross attack orchestrated by the pro-establishment Media against your socialist republican political party éirígí . The attempt to link éirígí  with the recent armed attacks against the British military should be considered as an ill-conceived farce, had it not been a clear attempt to defame, isolate and break an open, progressive republican party that works for the establishment of a Democratic Socialist Republic through the building of a new popular mass movement.

We very well know that the establishment has no limits in such smearing campaigns against those who constitute a real alternative. In Greece we are living an uninterrupted campaign of the bourgeoisie and their Media against the Radical Left Coalition SYRIZA (which regroups several left parties and organizations, as well as many non-organized people), since they conceive us as a potential threat for their political and social domination. For this reason, they keep trying to defame us as "supporters of the masked rioters" and of "new terrorist groups", while at the same time they step up unprecedented attacks against the most elementary democratic and social rights of our people and of our youth.

Dear Comrades,

The youth revolt of last December in our country was followed by huge popular mobilizations and revolts in many other countries of Europe and of the whole world - from the Baltics to Iceland and from Asia to the French colonies in the Carribean. The peoples of the world are resisting the attempt of the neoliberal bourgeoisie to transfer its own deep crisis on their back. In such conditions of global crisis, the reactionary repression and the black propaganda are increasing, especially against those working for real alternatives - as you do in Ireland in order to achieve an end to British rule and also to capitalist exploitation.

We are confident that the proud Irish People, who recently rose up and teared to pieces the reactionary EU plans for a "European Treaty", will turn its back to the slandering campaign of the establishment against éirígí . We wish you courage in these critical moments and we express our support to your struggle for a Democratic Socialist Republic through the building and strengthening of a broad mass movement.

In solidarity,

Communist Organization of Greece (KOE), International Relations Department

Athens, 17 March 2009