Arrested left militants in TurkeyThe Communist Organization of Greece strongly denounces to the Greek and international public opinion the new pogrom unleashed by the Ankara regime against the Left, the labour and women’s movement and the progressive intellectuals in Turkey and N. Kurdistan.

According to the information available until now, yesterday (Tuesday 10 March 2009) the “anti”terrorist units of the Turkish state arrested over 50 persons in 6 cities, 33 of them in Istanbul. Among the arrested are cadres of the legal political party ESP, journalists of the legal newspaper Atilim, editors of the publication “Art and Life”, representatives of trade-unions and women’s organizations, as well as people accused to be members of the outlawed party MLKP.

This new pogrom against the progressive forces in Turkey and N. Kurdistan on the orders of the Erdogan government, who is a favorite ally of the EU and of the USA, underlines once more the deeply antidemocratic nature of the Ankara regime, which shamelessly poses on international level as defender of human rights and of the democratic freedoms!

The Communist Organization of Greece calls upon the progressive and left organizations of the peoples of the world to express by any means they consider appropriate their solidarity with the arrested and to demand their immediate liberation, as well as the liberation of the thousands of progressive political prisoners in Turkey and N. Kurdistan.

Stop the persecution against the Left!

Long live the international solidarity, the weapon of the peoples!

Athens, 11/3/2009, KOE