Dear Comrades and Friends,

On behalf of the Youth of KOE (Communist Organization of Greece), we salute the 9th Congress of your Rebell Youth Organization. Your Congress takes place during a very critical period, a period of generalized economical and political crisis, which highlights great tasks for each revolutionary Youth Organization. In the past few months, the international economic crisis, along with the extreme aggression of neoliberalism, have made obvious that the only viable alternative for the people is the complete overthrow of capitalism. At the same time, these past few months, there have surged throughout the world many movements of resistance against the policies that impose poverty, exclusions and wars on people. These revolts and resistances show that the peoples’ tolerance is running out and there is an increasing need for an alternative.

In Greece, such a change in circumstances was best expressed in the revolt of the youth in December 2008. The cold-blood murder of the 16-year old student Alexis Grigoropoulos on the 6th of December 2008 triggered a wide social protest that rapidly took the characteristics of a revolt. The youth was in the frontline of the movement that overwhelmed the country. The murder of Alexis spilled over the social discontent that has accumulated through a long period of attacks against the social and democratic rights of the broad popular masses. The unemployment, the low salaries and pensions, the rapid increase of the basic goods’ prices, the lack of future for the youth… all this situation fed the social discontent, increased the political crisis and became the base for this revolt. Students of the secondary and of higher education across the country realised that we will probably be the first generation that will live in much worse conditions than the previous one.

The Youth of the Communist Organization of Greece, as well as the Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) in which we participate, played an active role in the revolt of December, and worked towards the radicalization and correct orientation of the movement. We put forward the slogan “Down with the government of murderers!” which soon became the main political demand of the revolted masses. SYRIZA, despite its weaknesses, was the only Parliamentary Party which showed solidarity to the youth’s movement and achieved a wide social support to it, reversing the negative image that the bourgeois Media attempted to create widely among the public opinion.

Following the revolt in December, which marks the end of tolerance and passivity and which was the first one after the outbreak of the global crisis, nothing seems to be the same. Many movements break out every day in our country, mainly concerning environmental issues, the imperialist war in Gaza, the oppression and exploitation of the working people, the educational restructure and the privatization of the higher education imposed by the European Union.

The popular revolts that rise not only in Greece but throughout Europe and the whole world, from the Baltics to the French colonies in the Caribbic, prove that we have reached  the end of the consensus to the commands of the big bourgeoisie and of the EU, and thus to the policies of neoliberalism.

We strongly believe that the next period is going to be a period of great changes and great commotions; the results of the global crisis of capitalism have just started to show up. It is a time that we must have “open ears” in the society, a time of great opportunities and great responsibilities for the revolutionaries. It is critical that the Communist Left assumes a protagonist role in this new situation, in order to prepare an organized mass struggle that will bring the final change, the overthrow of the oppressive and exploitative system we now live in.

We wish you, dear Comrades, the best success in the works of your 9th Congress, and we are confident that its results will arm you with renewed momentum in your struggle against imperialism and capitalism, for genuine socialism. We are looking forward to strengthen our comradely relations, and we take this chance to thank you again for your active solidarity, which was expressed through your presence in our 1st Festival last year and through your encouraging messages of support during the December revolt. We hope that we will meet again this year in Resistance 2009, our 2nd Internationalist Youth Festival!

Long live the solidarity and friendship among our Youth organizations!

It is right to Rebel!

Another world is possible and necessary: Communism!

Athens, February 2009, Panhellenic Bureau of the Youth of KOE