Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the leadership and the members of the Communist Organization of Greece, we convey to you our warmest comradely greetings on the 40th anniversary of DFLP’s foundation. These were 40 difficult and at the same time heroic years for the Palestinian People, which has suffered the barbarity of imperialism and Zionism, but never yielded and became an example for the peoples of the whole world. These were also 40 difficult and at the same time heroic years for the Palestinian Left, of which DFLP is a part. The whole world has witnessed how the Palestinian Left stood firmly all these years, despite its weaknesses, in the first line of the struggle, together with the Palestinian People, struggling for the end of occupation, for national and social liberation.

Today, more than 60 years since the Nakba, the Palestinian People suffers the most barbaric aggression in its modern history. However we see that Palestine does not bend, and that its heroic People becomes the real victor through its will for national unity and resistance against the new Zionist aggression.

We salute the General Secretary Comrade Nayef Hawatmeh, the cadres and members of DFLP, declaring that we will do our best in order to support the just struggle of the Palestinian Left. We always follow carefully your opinions, statements and activities. We pay our tribute of honor to the fighters of DFLP who martyred during the Zionist invasion in Gaza, fighting the invaders together with the other forces of the Resistance.

We are confident that You and the whole Palestinian Left will always be in the first line of struggle, uncompromisingly fighting until the final victory: until occupation ends, all refugees return and Palestine becomes really Free.

Communist Organization of Greece (KOE), International Relations Department