The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) condemns, once more, the illegitimate, arbitrary and slanderous listing of a series of revolutionary, anti-imperialist and liberation movements as “terrorist organizations” by the United States and the European Union. Especially the case of listing as “terrorist” the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), as well as other Palestinian organizations, highlights the real aims of the imperialist forces: They attempt to defame and isolate the justified and legitimate Resistance of the Palestinian People and to gain support for the Zionist Neo-Nazis and the genocidal terrorist policy of the Israeli state. They also attempt (in vain!) to terrorize, penalize and silence the world-wide movement of solidarity with the Palestinian Resistance.

The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE), as well as a broad spectrum of the Greek Left and a large majority of the Greek public opinion, always ignored and will continue to ignore these shameful, anti-democratic and illegitimate “lists of terrorist organizations”. We will continue to publicly voice our unconditional support to the Palestinian Resistance and especially to the PFLP, to all those waging heroic struggles in order to protect the most basic rights of their people, to resist the barbarous Zionist occupation and crimes, until the Palestinian People achieves the goals of national and social liberation.

Those who label as “terrorists” the valiant representatives of the Palestinian People do not dare to penalize this public, principled and just solidarity with the PFLP, which faces the “lists of terrorist organizations” as what they really are: papers for the trash can. We join our voices with those coming from the whole world and demand the immediate and unconditional abrogation of these illegitimate “lists” and the recognition of the Peoples’ inalienable right to defend themselves against occupation, repression and exploitation. In any case, a genuine “lists of terrorist organizations” that would take into account the international law and the world public opinion, should include on the top the Zionist state and its supporters, the US and EU leaderships.

End the listing of the PFLP as a so-called "terrorist organization"!

Athens, 13 December 2009

Communist Organization of Greece (KOE), International relations Department