The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) condemns the shameful implication of Greece in the plans to ship huge cargos of US arms to Israel through the Greek port of Astakos (Western Greece). If shipped, these arms will be used for the continuation of the genocidal Zionist aggression in Gaza. The implication of the Greek port of Astakos reveals the full complicity of the government of Karamanlis in the crime perpetrated against the Palestinian People.

The claims of the Greek government (“we know nothing about it”) are sheer lies and pure hypocrisy. The complicity of the Greek government is revealed to the whole world through the attempt to use of the Greek soil in order to supply new arms to the Israeli Neo-Nazis. This is not a a unique episode: during the genocidal US war against Iraq, the naval base of Souda (Crete) was also used by the “liberators of Iraq”.

The dramatic call of the PFLP, addressed to the Greek people and the progressive movements, to halt the shipment of US arms to Israel must put us all on alert! The Communist Organization of Greece calls the democratic Greek people to block, this Thursday 15 January, the port of Astakos. We warn the Greek government: Do not facilitate the murderers of the Palestinian People!

Let’s support actively the martyred Palestinian People!

Expel the Zionist ambassador! Shut down the Zionist embassy!

Athens, 12 January 2009

Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)


PS: Attached, poster of KOE that is used from today all over Western Greece, calling for the blockade of the Port of Astakos. Translation:

USA-Israel are murdering

The hands of the Greek government are blood-stained

Our ports must become forbidden zone for the butchers of Palestine


All in the Port of Astakos on Thursday 15/1