The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) expresses its deep sorrow on the news of Comrade Maha Nassar’s passing away. “ Um Wadee’ ” is no more among us… and yet, she will always live in our memory and in our struggles! Because Maha Nassar was a bright beacon of resolute struggle, a shining example of dedication to the cause of Palestine and of Women Liberation, a remarkable human being who never capitulated in front of the enemy. Hers was a life worth to be lived, a life in the service of the Palestinian People and of the Revolution.

We will not forget her passionate speeches and her decisive contribution in the highly successful work of the Anti-imperialist Space during the 4th European Social Forum in Athens, in 2006. We will always remember her authentic enthusiasm and emotion as she was joining thousands of demonstrators under the banners of the Anti-imperialist Space, marching behind a huge Palestinian flag. We will keep dear in our hearts the discussions that we shared, her comradely affection, her genuine internationalist spirit.

We address our most deep condolences to her family, to her comrades in the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees, to the Palestinian Left and to the whole Palestinian People. She leaves behind her a legacy of sacrifice and struggle, and we know that thousands and thousands of new militants will honor her memory in the way that she always preferred: not in words, but in deeds, filling the great gap created by her passing away.

We honor Comrade Maha with the battle-cry of the Anti-imperialist Space:

Unity - Resistance - Victory!

Comrade Maha, you are always alive in our struggles!

Athens, 11 October 2008

Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)